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Hello lovelies,

I hope all is well. I feel like every week I am having a predominant theme on my blog. Last week it was mainly a beauty dominated week, whereas this week, I have been posting a lot more about food. Talk about versatile blogging.

If you didn't know, restaurant reviews are one of my favourite kinds of posts to write. I don't know what it is exactly I like about them. I suppose they make me seem like I have this lifestyle where I can go out often. In reality, I don't go out to eat that often. When Valentine's Day was coming up, I knew that I wanted to write a little review on wherever we were eating for the evening.

I was quite excited for Valentine's Day this year if I am completely honest. Last year, I was essentially in charge of the whole organising the place etc. for our dinner. I chose to go to Milano's, an Italian that I'd heard a few good things about from my friend Robert who went there with his Dig's man. This year was different because my boyfriend Cathal was completely in charge of organising the whole restaurant set up! He eventually chose a place called "Toscana" located on Dame Street, most likely due to the abundance of positive and beaming reviews. We were both hoping for the place to meet this high expectation of ours.

Located a little walk away from Trinity College Dublin in the centre of Dame Street, this place is very ideal for those looking to eat in the city centre. Like a lot of places in the centre, there didn't seem to be any parking facilities close to the restaurant so bear that in mind if you are driving to dinner. It was fine for us as we'd hopped on a bus to town, did a tiny bit of exploration in Tiger and Lush and walked down to "Toscana".

When we initially came into the restaurant it was absolutely buzzing. The place was full to the brim with people. The upstairs part of the place was where people who hadn't previously booked a table were placed. I thought it seemed awfully cramped and busy and wouldn't have liked to sit there if we hadn't had booked a table. I was delighted to be brought down to a smaller more intimate room which had less tables downstairs.

It was relatively dark in the restaurant in general but the small fluorescence of the flame ignited the room and added a touch of a romantic atmosphere.

We opted for the early bird menu which ran til 18:30 and was priced at a reasonable 22.50 for three courses. That averages at 7.50 per course which is pretty decent considering you are eating out and paying for hospitality also! Last year in Milano, we got 2 courses for approximately the same price. Cathal worked out that it would have cost 34.00 per person approximately if we hadn't decided to go with the Early Bird. 

There was a wide range of starters on the Early Bird including "Zuppa del Giorno", Fish Cakes and Bruscetta, It was a very difficult choice to make being honest with you, but I ended up going with that non-Italian "Spicy Chicken wings".

I am usually a dessert lover, but I have to tell you that my starter was my favourite course of the evening. They were just so darn good. Cathal went with the soup of the day which he seemed to enjoy. He was fairly poorly for Valentines bless him!

I tend to opt for a Pasta main course whenever I am at an Italian place. This time. I thought I'd mix it up and add some seafood into the mix, so I decided to order "Linguine di Pesce". Cathal on the other hand ordered a meat filled "Lasagne al Forno".

The linguini had that Italian taste and was pretty good. I would have loved to have a bit more fish on my plate  though!

Cathal and I had the same idea for what we wanted for dessert - ice-cream! So, we both went for the "Home made Amaretti Ice-Cream". There wasn't anything incomparable about this ice-cream. It was nice with a biscuity crunch to it. All ice-cream is good so I was fairly content with my dessert. I was expecting something a bit bigger and more flamboyant as a dessert if I'm completely truthful!

I would definitely go to this place again. It had everything I needed; friendly staff, great food and decent prices. I'd have to rate it * * * * and a 1/2 * and would recommend it to a friend!

The website for Toscana is available here!

What's your favourite Italian place to eat where you live? 


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