February Instamonth!


Hello lovelies,

Another month has come and gone in a flash. It feels like it was just yesterday when we were welcoming in the new year. My dad was the first foot, bringing in the good fortune for the year. January, as I stated in my last Insta Month was very dull and unproductive. February, on the otherhand was the complete opposite! I can't tell you how good this month was to me.

February opened on the Monday of Rag week. Unless you live under a rock or in another planet, you will probably be familiar with what Rag week is. In essence, it's basically a week of fun, relaxation and drinking all in aid of charity. You attend various events, the cost of which will be donated to charity for the most part! I ended up going to two events. I'm not one of those crazy party girls who seem to be capable of partying until the early hours of  the morning four times a week. I went to an event in DTwos with my friends Gillian and Caroline. It wasn't the best of nights, mainly because I had an extremely unpleasant girl be rude and bitchy to me in the line while queuing for the bathroom. Fortunately, the following night went a lot more smoothly. I had a lot more fun because the lads came out also and my old housemate Clare and her friends were out and about too! It was nice to catch up with them.

Rag week left me exhausted on Friday. Despite this, I managed to attend all my lectures, leaving shortly before the end of the "Health and Safety in Agriculture" module we had because it was a tedious class and I just wanted to go home to my parents more than anything at that stage. I ended up being very early for my train at Heuston Station, so while I was waiting I treated myself to a portion of chips in Heuston Station. I got on my train and had a relatively fast journey home. While on the way home, I checked my emails and received one telling me that I was offered a place to study in Purdue University, provided my gpa stays above 3. It is 3.73 at the moment so that hopefully won't be a problem! It was terrific news to end the week to! I had a pretty relaxing weekend at home and caught up with the family who I don't see daily anymore!

The second week of February was certainly less hectic than the previous one. I decided that I needed the week to relax after Rag Week. I can't cope with attending events and parties all the time. My system isn't used to it. Monday was a glorious day because 5 out of my 6 lectures were cancelled (happy days). Monday is by far my worst day, so it was really nice not to dread it for once. On Tuesday, my friends Brian, Martin, Caroline and I spent the evening making pancakes for shrove Tuesday. I literally had every single topping you could think of already in my cupboard which was a bonus as we didn't have to spend too much money on extra stuff that would probably stay in our cupboards until the end of the semester unused! One of my favourite pancakes was one I had with syrup, raspberries and cinnamon. It was seriously the nicest thing ever, please try it!

Wednesday and Thursday were particularly chilled out. I didn't do much although I did try to cook some healthy things (sweet potato burgers and zucchini pizzas). I've shared the recipes on my blog this month in case you missed out! I mainly spent these days looking forward to spending Valentine's Day with Cathal!

Last Valentine's Day, I organised everything Cathal and I did. I picked the place (it was Milano's which is Italian cause he loves Italians) and I paid for the whole dinner with a voucher I was lucky enough to have! It's always me who seems to make more of an effort with holidays like Valentine's Day and Christmas, so I was interested to see what Cathal would organise when I assigned him the role of Date planner. It had been ages since we had been on a proper date.

He ended up taking us to Toscana, a Restaurant in the centre of Dublin which sold Italian food. We opted for an early bird menu and were given three great courses. I wrote a review on this last week if you would like to check it out!!! I was very impressed with what Cathal did on Valentine's day!

Ag week was a little crappy when you compare it to last year. Last year, I was ready to party all week, but this year I wasn't feeling it. The only good night was Thursday Night as I got to spend time with all of my friends. The girls who commute (Ann, Emily and Slany) ended up staying in Dublin for the night and it was so much fun to have pre-drinks with them.

During the final week of February was our 5th week back to college and things were starting to get busy in terms of deadlines and dates of exams. Unfortunately for me, I'd fallen a bit ill after the county colours of Ag week and was feeling shitty for a few days. I had exams to make the time worse. But then after the exams (on February 26th) I was going to a ball with my friends from college, something we were all anticipating for awhile. I was pretty excited about the whole night and decided to treat myself and book myself a hair appointment.

It was such a nice treat getting my hair done and it ended up looking great! The ball itself was so much fun, ended up having a great time. The weekend after was spent resting and studying.

I can't wait to see the adventures that March will entail.
What have you been up to for the month of February? 


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  1. The months go by so fast don't they? Love all these fun snaps :) Hope you have an amazing March doll x


    1. Really glad you liked the post. :)
      Hope you guys have a great month in March too!


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