5 beauty hacks I've adopted into my routine!


Let's face it! If there was an easy way to do everything we'd go with that option rather than the harder, more time-consuming option. I know I would. Recently, I have been discovering a lot of beauty hacks and I wanted to show you some of the ones I have trialed and have since adopted into my regular routine. Beauty hacks are great! They get the job done better and more efficiently so I hope that some of you will appreciate this!

If I am completely honest with you, there are always important things that I need and forget to buy, from toilet paper to washing up liquid. Another one of these important things is eye primer. Eye primer will generally make the pigmentation of your eyeshadow stand out more and last so much longer. There is nothing I can do to make my eyeshadow stay on my lids all day without a primer, but I can definitely enhance the pigmentation. I find when I apply eyeshadows with my fingers and do a slight bit of blending with a blending brush that the colour has a greater impact and is noticeably stronger.

My second hack is one I found a long time on Maeve's blog Thrift O Clock She wrote a post about how she started reverse washing her hair, using the conditioner and following with the shampoo. After reading this post all that time ago, I decided that I would go for it and I do it most times I wash my hair. I always find that my hair is more voluminous or something when I do this and I always end up having a great hair day! I'd definitely recommend this one!

Are you one of those who frantically rubs their eyes raw with a makeup wipe until your eyes go red and you haven't even removed all of your eye makeup? Well, fear no more my friends, this hack is for you and one I quickly adopted after watching a youtube video. Simply use a tiny piece, not even a pea-sized amount of coconut oil to remove your eye makeup! I simply allow the oil to melt in my hands and gently apply it onto my lids. The eye makeup will begin to wear off. You can use a tissue or something to wipe it off once it is done. I feel like the coconut oil is very soft and gentle on my eyes, which is why I love this beauty hack so much!

Have you ever run out of eyeliner and couldn't be bothered to purchase a new one? Well then, I have two simple beauty hacks for you! The first one is to simply wet eyeshadow and use one of those tiny eyeliner brushes (I have one from Real Techniques). Another way to get instant eyeshadow is to dip your eyeliner brush into mascara and apply like eyeliner. 

What are your favourite beauty hacks you use?


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  1. I've started conditioning before using shampoo and can definitely see the benefits! My hair's really curly and shampoo tends to just dry it out but conditioning before hand leaves it so much softer and more manageable. Great post :) Will definitely try using mascara as eyeliner too as I'm always running out.

    Yasmin xx


  2. Love these ideas! xo


  3. I've started reverse hair washing and my hair is so soft and shiny; like a kitten!! :D x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  4. I love this post!! Thanks for sharing. I have just updated my Blog, you should check it out!



  5. I just love beauty hacks :D Thanks for sharing!



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