5 Apps I'd totally recommend to a friend!


Hello lovelies,

Having lectures dominate most of my days lately, I can't help but to scroll on my phone every once in awhile and check some of my apps. Every morning that I'm in my Applied Economic Analysis lecture, bright and early at 9 am, I find myself regularly moving my finger all the way through my Instagram newsfeed. Seeing as I am a University student, I thought that I could recommend a few different kinds of Apps that I have found very helpful or just simply entertaining. I hope that you guys find a nifty new app out of this!

My Study Life: My Study life, is essentially a Uni or School organisational application. It allows you to add your modules into a timetable and even colour code each subject. This is something that really appeals to me as I find those dull black and white timetables provided online are ugly and extremely painful to read. I prefer having that association between a certain colour and a subject. The app also has some other nifty features. It allows you to insert information in regards to deadlines, assignments and assessments. The thing I like best about this app is that it will notify you when you have a lecture/class and where the lecture is, 15 minutes before it is supposed to begin which gives me plenty of time to allow myself to prepare.

I am no virtuoso or music lover. If I am honest with you, I hate playing music if I am studying or if I am typing a blog post. I find it very distracting. I  have recently been using Spotify in the shower or to get ready in the morning. I haven't been using it long which is surprising as it has been around for ages. I am currently using it for free as I don't feel I need to pay!

Tags For Likes:
 If you're an Instagram lover like myself, then you'll really appreciate knowing about this app. Tags For Likes is an app that gives you hashtag suggestions for certain photographs that you'd upload to Instagram. I've found that it gives very popular hashtags which are bound to increase your likes. The number of categories that this app has is endless! From fitness to fashion, this app should provide any of the hashtags you need to accompany your photos!

My Fitness Pal: I got this app because I was recommended it by my friend Caroline in college. It is essentially a diet and exercise planner. I used to use it tonnes. Now not so much, but I don't really see why. I'm going to try and get more into it as I have gotten into a firm gym routine. Very handy if you want to lose, maintain or gain weight so this suits everyone!

P.D: PD, standing for period diary is exactly what it says on the tin! It is a very nifty period that can remind you when to expect your period. The cool thing about this app is that it also provides details on your fertility and has sections where you can record your moods and symptoms. I feel like this really helps us to become familiar with our bodies and know what to expect. It is great for those trying to conceive and those trying to avoid that too due to the detail on fertility it provides.

What are your favourite apps to use? 


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  1. Tags for Likes sounds really useful! I have only just started to get into Instagram so I could use some help!
    My fitness Pal is great too :)

    Bethan Likes

  2. Thanks for the recommendations, love the sound of the Instagram tags one!
    Have a lovely weekend:)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  3. I am so bad at tracking my period so that last app sounds so perfect for me! I love spotify and I also really recommend google calendar if you want more organisation in your life x


  4. These sound like great apps. I actually have the PD one but i'm always lazy with using it, and I have spotify as well but I usually just buy my favourite music so it's there on my phone.


  5. I have a similar period tracker called Hormone Horoscopes! So it tracks your periods AND tells you how you might be feeling in a horoscope style. And I just downloaded uber and used it yesterday for the first time! Its awesome!


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