4 places in America I'd like to travel to!


Hello lovelies,

I can't quite explain to you how excited I am to be living in America for a few months in the second half of the year. It really is going to be an adventure that I'll never forget! Being the lover of travel that I am, I really hope that I can explore the states in my time abroad. It's in a totally different continent to Europe and one that definitely needs to be seen through my eyes and witnessed by my presence. I thought that I would share some of the places that are on my list in America where I need to travel. I'd be satisfied if I got to go to one or two places on this list, never mind them all!

4 Places in America I'd like to travel to! 

New York

New York, the Big Apple or the city that never sleeps is definitely one well worth visiting. With the Statue or Liberty, Central park and the big impressive architecture, this place is definitely a photographer's dream. There'd be plenty to do with the large variety of shops suitable for any shopaholic. New York is definitely a destination everyone needs to travel to at least once in their lives.


Chicago is most definitely another place with impressive buildings, definitely unlike anything I have ever witnessed in my life. It'll definitely provide a lot of nice pictures for an Instagram post.


My main reason for having Michigan city on my list is because it isn't too far from Indiana where I hope to study. It's a two or three-hour journey away which is a long way if you're in Ireland but isn't far for the Americans. I like the tall buildings of course but this picture just reminds me of Nice in France because of the strand of beach on the edge of the city.

San Francisco 

Situated in North California, you'd definitely need to be dressed for the sun if you were going to this fab destination. I have always wanted to see the San Francisco bridge. What attracts me the most to these places are the big buildings which I have never been in the presence of in my life.

Where in America would you like to go to?


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  1. Ooh, great picks! Those are all on my list of want-to-visits as well, especially New York (the images of Central Park that you can find all over the Internet are just absolutely gorgeous. I would *love* to get my hand on a camera and take some shots there) and Chicago. I'd also really, really like to visit areas like Yellowstone, Colorado and Yosemite, California. What beautiful scenery!

    You'll be studying right next door to me. :) I live in the state of Ohio, right next to Indiana.

    I hope you enjoy your time in America, Ellen!

    1. Oh Ohio! That's really cool!
      Hoping I'll enjoy it there! :)

  2. I'd really love to travel to all these places as well! :) Maybe one day.


    1. I hope when I go to America that I will get to go to at least some of these!

  3. I'd love to visit New York, too! My godfather actually lives in Chicago and the pizza is the best.<3
    I think you'll love San Francisco; it's my second most favorite place in the U.S.<3


  4. I've been to New York and San Francisco and adored them both! I really want to go to Chicago and LA and a US road trip would be idyllic (a girl can dream!). I hope you have an amazing trip!

    Zoe x

  5. So excited for you! Can't wait to keep up with your adventures :) New York is amazing! I'm dying to go to Yellowstone, and maybe Boston 'cos one of my fave crime series is set there haha.


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