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Hello lovelies,

Recently on an #lbloggers chat, the topic of conversation was photography and the aspects of photography we enjoyed the most. I simply responded to the question that I loved setting up a photo, be it gathering props and items to use or finding the perfect background. I still stand by my answer. I absolutely love jumbling through things I have which can easily be used in photography on my blog or my Instagram. I thought that it would be a cool idea to share with fellow bloggers and readers who love photography how you can enhance your pictures with unusual backgrounds or props you can collect and add to photographs.

I'll begin with backgrounds as they are probably simpler to cover first!

A background is defined by as "the ground or parts of a scene situated at the rear". So in a photo it'll be at the back of the photo, it could be anything from the sky if you were taking an outdoor photo or the colour of a surface that the items you are capturing through your camera lens are in front of.

There are many things I use as a background for my photos which I think look pretty good. Many common things include a white blanket that has a permanent home as a throw on my bed and is pretty easy to take off and use. I also sometimes use a cork board, the wooden floor in my bedroom, bathroom towels or paper. Paper, I believe is used a lot in blogger photos as it is reusable and most people will have some lying around. As long as it isn't creased or dirty it should work nicely. The great thing about paper is that  it comes in a variety of colours so you could use different colours for different kinds of photos. I have to admit I had a hard time getting used to paper and it isn't one of my most used, but it definitely does come in handy if you are stuck. Another thing I have used is a white shiny magnet board I have hanging in my room, just to give my photos a different texture in the background. More recently, I have been using a tartan scarf I bought in New look. I think it gives a nice appearance to some photos!

Something else you could use is the quilt of the bed, but usually, I think mine is too fussy to be the background of a photo. I prefer photos with a plain and simple background.

When I say props, I mean other items you can add to a photo to make it look better. If you're taking a picture of all your Lush products (I'm guilty as charged) the picture may turn out a little dull and boring. Sometimes it is nice to add more items to enhance the focus of your photo and make them stand out a little more and make a little set. It isn't always necessary to use props in your photos and I don't always. However, I do believe you always need a nice background if you are taking pictures of items.

The props aren't the hardest to spot if you were to take a look at my Instagram account. I often use a lot of similar things. Sometimes I use fairy lights. In a very recent photos, I scattered some red Christmas lights around the items of my photograph and I thought it added a lot. I also tend to use candles a lot, be it a Yankee candle, one of those fake but real looking candles that are battery operated or a cheaper alternative from Ikea or Primark. The great thing about using candles as props is that when they ignite, a fabulous intoxicating odour lingers around the room and makes the experience of capturing a photo very relaxing and pleasant.

If you are taking seasonal photos there's a large variety of items you can use as props. During Christmas, you could use wreaths, decor, crackers, bows,  ribbon and so much more as props. In the above picture of some of my Christmas gifts, I feel like the props are very well used. If you were taking pictures for valentines day you could sprinkle glitter or confetti in the background of your photos. You could even be a little crafty and cut out little love hearts for the background of your photos.

What do you use as props or as a background in your photos? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Great tips, love the lights!!
    Have a lovely weekend:)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

    1. Thank you Rosanna :)
      Hope you have a nice weekend also :)

  2. Great ideas! I love the fashion photo I always suck at taking any photos of outfits or clothes they never turn out to planned which is why I never do them haha x

  3. Thank you for some inspiration x

  4. thanks so much , as just starting out in blogging i have found this post really useful :)


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