The unavoidable question.


Hey lovelies,

Today is the 6th of January, which is better known as little Christmas. It is the 12th day of Christmas were traditionally decorations are put down and the preparations for going back to school are well and truly back in action. What devastating times!

With school coming back for a lot of people, I thought I would write on that question that always comes up when you're catching up with your friends and acquaintances in the school hallways; "What did you get for Christmas". It is a question that is asked every year and it is only inevitable to pop up again.

It wasn't until last Christmas (merely weeks ago) that I realised how commercialised the holiday is. From the Coca-Cola and the Cadbury chocolate ads to the increased impact of social networking and social media, the truth is that the holiday is only going to become more commercialised than it is already! I know I may sound a bit hypocritical saying this as I have contributed to this with my published photos of  my Christmas gifts, chocolate and luxury first world items, but I am still proceeding to write this post.

The holidays are not about what you got or how much you received, but more so about those who you spend the time with. I feel that this question that is carried on year after year is a rather insensitive question. Not everybody is financially stable and has as much as you have. Asking people what they got may be an insensitive question, yet society sees it as relatively normal.

Consider that some people may have more than you and others may have less, but as long as you are grateful for what you have then you should be content.


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