The life of an Erasmus student #4 Other people's experiences 2: Amber in France


Hey Guys,

I hope you are all well. Today I am sharing somebody else's experience abroad with you! Her name is Amber, a friend and blogger from Portsmouth. Last summer, Amber went to France, so I jumped at the chance to ask her to share her experiences for this series.

Amber is a vegan blogger who blogs about other random stuff and I definitely recommend checking her blog out:

The following are some of the survey questions I asked Amber!

What is your name?  Amber

What age are you?

Where did you go on your exchange abroad?
Nantes, France.

Why did you choose that place?

I chose France because I’ve always loved the country and am still desperately trying to achieve fluency in their language. I happened to end up in Nantes after my original placement was scuppered, and I was offered a (better) option. Nantes is really hot btw, and has lots going on, I’d recommend anyone to visit!

What did you study abroad?

I study biochemistry and spent two months of summer working on a project in an IFREMER lab, which I’m currently writing up for my final year thesis. This is a great option if your course doesn’t offer a full year, or you’d rather only go for a shorter time.

From your experience abroad, what do you feel is an aspect of the whole experience that benefitted you the most?

The opportunity to work in such a great lab, alongside amazing (and lovely) researchers was the best thing ever. I learned so much, gained so many new skills, including improving my French, and have started making connections out in the big wide world.

What is your biggest regret about the exchange (If any at all)?

Staying with a family that I found on AirBnB. I could do a week, two at the most, but two months as an awkward guest in someone else’s home? Nah thanks. I need my space, especially ‘cos I was working all the time, having a screaming baby and toddler and two bratty boys ruined any down time I could get.

What advice would you give to those who are going or planning on going to study abroad?

Just go for it! Some of it will be amazing and maybe even life changing, some will be shitty, but you’ll always learn from it and won’t make the same mistake next time!

Be sure to email me if you would like to share your experience.


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