Keep Calm and Colour for Mums Product Review!


Hey lovelies,

If you've been following me at all in the past month, then you'll know that I have been absolutely obsessed with adult colouring books. I bought my mum one for Christmas and we have jointly been colouring in the beautiful designs in the book. I thought that I would share some of the designs we have coloured in as well as my thoughts on the book.

The book is named  "Keep Calm and Colour for Mums", an absolutely appropriate name for the target audience, mothers who may have a lot going on with perhaps work or their relationships with their children. The book is designed to be a place where mum can just zone out and colour in peace and tranquility. The book has even been described as an excellent method of meditation and relaxation, something we could all benefit from in our lives.

It is also a superb product for mums as young children can get involved and colour in, so long as you aren't a perfectionist. Most young children tend to colour outside the lines. As long as they are having fun who minds!

The product is a decent price for approximately £5 and available on Amazon. I think this price is absolutely superb as you get some elegant and detailed designs to colour in as well as hours of relaxation and de-stress time from this book.

The designs are almost impeccable and have inspired many DIYs in my mind which have been shared on my blog this month.

What do you think of adult colouring books? Do you use them? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. I love colouring books for adults. The design in this one is just amazing and it really sucks you in. I bet you really forget about the world around you because you're so concentrated on it. Great post.


    1. I really do feel like I am in my own little world doing these and I ignore my surroundings when I am doing these. :)

  2. I love adult colouring books and I think that they're such a good idea, particularly for people with busy lives. It allows you to take a few moments and just be present with yourself. Great post xx

    1. Thanks Lou. I am happy you enjoyed it!

  3. I got a Game of Thrones colouring book for Christmas... safe to say that it's the present ive gotten the most use of!
    the one reviewed looks cool and the designs seem a bit more like you can channel your own imagination rather than just copying your favourite scenes from a TV show!

    1. I would love to see the Game of Thrones one just out of curiosity! :)
      I am not really a fan of the show to be completely honest. I've never actually seen it! I love how there are small designs in this book because you don't have to complete the picture in one sitting then! I have seen so many cool ones like cat ones which I love the idea of.

  4. Nice blog! I love and i follow your blog #18, please follow me too

  5. I LOVE adult coloring books, super calming and works like magic!!

    Not Your Type Blog

  6. I love coloring!! This looks like fun I like the designs :)


  7. Such a great idea! I love coloring haha :)


  8. Funny! I just bought a box of color pencils and I'm waiting for my coloring book to arrive haha I think it will be a great way to relax

    The Color Palette


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