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Hello Lovelies,

This week has been a particularly busy week for me. Normally I don't get up to much in the holidays which is why I would like to start sharing events of my week, and even in weeks to come in 2016. In years to come, I will be able to look back in retrospect and witness the banal things I'd be doing a certain week. I can't promise that these will be consistently posted every week, but hopefully every fortnight or whenever I feel fitting! Some weeks I do absolutely nothing and some are jam packed with activities, sometimes weeks are so jam packed that I've hardly any time to schedule and publish posts. There is no point publishing these posts if there is something worthless to talk about. Hoping to do this for the year of 2016 and pack it full of tonnes of memories.

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So on with this week, the 1st week of 2016.

Monday was relatively dull during the day! Didn't really get up to much. Later on in the day, my older brother Hayden proposed that we go to the cinema. He absolutely loves going and seeing the latest movies. He is a bit of a movie critic if I do say so myself. We decided to watch "Daddy's Home", a comedy which follows the life of a step dad who comes into contact with a dad who returns out of nowhere to see his children. The stepdad feels constantly in competition with this seemingly more superior man and it leads to a lot of funny incidents. The movie has many clever ideas, some which could have been explored with more depth. But overall, it was a good laugh. 

On Tuesday, the weather was supposed to settle down a little bit, so my mum and I decided that we would head out to Carlow to do a bit of shopping. She wanted to purchase a few new clothing items for Christian in the sales. We are not the type of people who rush about on boxing day to purchase the best deals in the sales, but rather wait for the hustle and bustle to settle down and then take our chance to go shopping. Before heading to any shops, we went to costa. Mum went for her usual cappuccino while I got a cooler drink in a raspberry and blackberry flavour which was very refreshing. Then we proceeded to go to Next, River Island and New Look. I got a few nice items from New Look. Might do a few fashion posts soon. 

Shortly after coming home from our shopping spree, the power in the house went out. It was due to the terrible wind and stormy weather that this happened. It ended up that the power was out for about 21 hours, almost a day. I spent most of my day on Wednesday colouring in adult colouring books until the power came back. It was very fun colouring in some lovely designs. I also got a bit of inspiration to do a DIY which will be published soon on my blog. Gosh, I miss writing DIY posts.

Then came Thursday, the last day of 2015. My aunt and uncle who I hadn't seen for quite a long time were coming over for the night. Any plans to go out with friends were hence thrown out the window. I had a quiet night in with the family. My dad who is from the North East of England has a tradition of being the first foot every new year. The whole idea of the first foot is to be the first to enter the house and bring luck, good health and other symbolic things into the house for the new year in hopes that 2016 will be a good one! Shortly after the countdown, I headed to sleep. My aunt and uncle left early that morning, and I spent New years just relaxing and lounging.

The weekend is usually spent relaxing and running errands. We might be seeing "The Danish Girl" in the cinema tonight, but more on that next week.

What did you get up to this week??? 


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  1. Lovely post! I really want to see that movie, looks so funny!
    Happy New Year!
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    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

    1. It was a very good movie. Very light hearted for the most part!

  2. Nothing too exciting happened in my week, I am afraid. I haven't been to the cinema in ages!

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking


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