DIY: Adult Colouring Book Inspired Frame


Hello Lovelies,

Lately, I have really been inspired by adult colouring books. The weather has been pretty crappy and they are another great way to pass the time, that is if I am not blogging or watching a movie or spending time with somebody. They have truly inspired me. Lately, you may have seen my adult colouring book inspired bunting. I am pleased to say that I have come up with another cool way to use these colouring books as room decor.

The special thing about today's DIY is that it is a two in one. I am going to show you how you can add beautiful designs to a photo frame.

DIY 1: The Art Work inside of the frame
This isn't a DIY so to speak, you essentially find a frame you want and pop an artistic picture of one of the designs you coloured into the frame. The bright colours will most definitely radiate some positive vibes into your life. You could also make a collage of different images you coloured and place them in a frame, whatever brightens your mood and your room the most.

DIY 2: A Frame made of Art Work

For this DIY, we are going to finish with a frame that is covered in little designs from the colouring book surrounding the picture in the frame. You could buy a wooden frame or make a frame of your own using card or some sort of sturdy material and then proceed to stick the designs onto the border of the frame. I unfortunately did not have the time to do this one but it is definitely a nifty little idea! 

Hopefully these DIYs will have a pretty big impact on your room. Tell me what DIYs you've done lately.


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  1. This is pretty amazing, Ellen! I'm absolutely in love with the result. I'm super crafty and I'm definitely going to do this frame! Thank you for sharing, I'm so glad I just came across your blog. Keep it up! Happy 2016! (: xx

    Ale |

  2. i love this :) i hope you're having an amazing day!


  3. It looks amazing. Have a great day!

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