What I got for Christmas 2015 and Lush Christmas Bathtime favourites review!


Hello lovelies,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that santa came to you all. Now that the festive day is over, there is still time to chill and relax and prepare for the new year.

I thought that I would write a little post on some of the items I received from my parents on the special day and write a little mini review on one of my favourite gifts; Lush bathtime favourites gift box. I hope you enjoy the post.

 So the first gift I was given was a gift box from Lush which I will be discussing in further detail in this post. When I arrived home from college, I saw this beautiful purple box wrapped in a velvet-y ribbon lingering under the tree, something that made the avid lush lover in me extremely excited. I can't wait to start using some of the products in this bundle, half are some I have never tried and the other half are old favourites.

On a yearly basis, we always get vouchers. This year was no exception to this tradition. However, my dad didn't wrap my voucher in the most obvious of places. I was convinced that he had forgotten about me this year!!! I can't wait to use it up in the shops. As I have gotten older I have found that I prefer vouchers more than physical gifts for the holidays. Something that I wasn't expecting that was left for me under my tree was a yankee candle. My mum picked me up a candle called "Kilimanjaro Stars". The candle is a lovely midnight blue colour with glitter sparkles. Scent-wise, it has a very icy cold fresh minty smell. I will definitely have to write a review for this one as I have never heard of it before! I also got the typical selection boxes as little stocking stuffers. To say I am not pleased is an understatement! 

The remainder of this post will be dedicated to the reviewal of the Lush Bathtime favourites Christmas gift box. If you still have someone to buy a post Christmas present for and is conveniently, also a fan of lush products, then this is definitely a great option to go for. The box is a beautiful cadbury chocolate purple colour covers with birds and leaves and speckles of gold. There are ten different bath bombs included in this package and it retailed at the price of £40.00 (approx).

This box offers a variety of different bath bomb products, but at the same time is limited in the way that it lacks different offerings from lush such as bubble bars, shower gel, shampoo, massage bars and face masks.

The ten bath bombs offered in this box are "Luxury Lush Pud", "Cinders", "Yog Nog", "Father Christmas", "Butter Bear", "Avo bath", "Frozen", "Think Pink", "Golden Wonder" and "The experimenter". Approximately five out of ten of the products are festive and related to Christmas. The other bath bombs are offered all year round. This is something that I liked about this box as I can test and trial products that aren't limited edition after Christmas. I think that the box works out a bit better value than if you were to buy the products separately which is obviously beneficial!

This product comes in a gorgeous box which can be kept once the products have been utilised. I think it would look like an absolutely lovely decoration in the bedroom, and if you need to store items, it is just ideal! 

The only thing about the box that I would criticise is the packaging of the products. I feel like the products weren't totally in tact when I opened the box to all these different wonderful products. I really feel like Lush could have wrapped the bath bombs in plastic, as they do with products that are ordered online. 

Overall I am happy with this gift. Hopefully I will be writing a few reviews on the products inside for you in the forseeable future!

What was your favourite Christmas gift?
 Let me know in the comments.


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  1. So many awesome things from Lush! :D! I love Avobath, but haven't had a chance to try out the others yet!

  2. Wow! So much lush stuff! Hope you had a lovely day x


  3. Great gifts! Loving that box of lush bath bombs!!


  4. Love the "think pink" bath bomb!! Amazing


  5. I''ve heard so many great things about Lush bath bombs. Hope I can try it soon.

    P.S: Join my mini giveaway!

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  6. Love all the Lush you got! I got the Holly Golightly bubble bar from my sister this year, mam is not happy about the glitter :') xo
    Amber Love Blog

  7. I also got a lush set this Christmas! Hope you had a great Christmas with family and friends & hope you have a great New Year! :)


  8. I love lush so much.We don't have a lush where I live so when ever I go to a lush shop I usually end up buying everything xx

  9. Lush bath bombs are my favourite product of theirs, so that set looks perfect! That Yankee candle sounds wonderful too :)

    Style Sunrise☀



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