Restaurant review: Sweet Republic!


Hello lovelies,
I hope you are well. I am currently looking forward to the Christmas Holidays!

On Wednesday, after one of our toughest exams in Business Management, my friend Siobhán proposed that we head to town for a bite of Ice Cream and some sweet treats after the two-hour stress in the RDS, where our exams are held! She suggested that we go to "Sweet Republic", a confectionary place on Bachelor's walk which by the look of their Instagram pictures seemed amazing. So we agreed and off we headed.

We all got something different, which was good, it really allows this blog post to show the variety that Sweet republic has to offer. Adam got this hot chocolate melt, Martin opted for an ice cream donut sandwich, which I thought was cute and really embraced his inner child. I went for a massive option and got a smores ice-creamy thing, which looked the most impressive if I do say so myself! Meanwhile, the other girls shared a waffle and ice cream and another hot melt. 

Taste wise, these things were amazing, full of the most indulgent and fattening things you could think of; perfect for when you need some downtime. However, I would advise you share, the portions are gigantic and my eyes are usually larger than my stomach! The average price for these items were 6 euro, which is expensive for a student, but if you're sharing it's fine! 

The staff seemed to be well trained and whipped up our orders in their efficient number system which tracked each order. 

My one complaint is that the order did get a bit mixed up, but there was a group of seven or eight of us so it was no surprise.

Sweet Republic offer a large variety of other products from cupcakes to sweets to tins of nutella. You could definitely find somebody a very affordable gift there as well as treating yourself to something indulgent!

Where is your favourite place to get some sweet treats? 


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  1. Those are a lot of sweets!!! I'm not a fat but everything looks great. The last one is my favorite

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  2. Great post! ♡ everything looks so good! May check it out myself x

  3. Great post! ♡ everything looks so good! May check it out myself x


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