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Hello lovely people,

As Christmas time comes nearer and nearer, so too does the close of the year, 2015, a year where I found my happy spot in University and became very good friends with a lot of people. Also a time, where I felt mature enough to apply to go on a study abroad session to the States. At some time, I never thought that I'd be the kind of person to want to do this, but somehow I feel like it is something totally right for me.

My blog has seemed to evolve and grow immensely also this year. I feel that I have developed greatly as a food and fashion blogger. I have added restaurant reviews to the various food related posts I write such as What I eat Wednesday posts and recipe posts. And this year I bundled up the confidence to post some outfit posts. I hope I can improve and get some photos on campus or around Dublin next year. I thought it would be a lovely idea to share some of the posts that bring me joy to look back on! Enjoy!

One of my main reasons for choosing this post is due to the photography. I really thought that I did a decent job on it, considering the pictures were captured on an iPhone rather than a camera. It was also a lovely day out with friends, where we treated ourselves to luxurious sweet treats. Check out the post for my thoughts on Sweet Republic on Bachelor's walk!

This is a post for those who lack or may have lost motivation. I felt at some point this semester that I was very motivated, but as study week crept by, I felt I was no longer as motivated and failed to dress well or make the effort quite like I used to. It is one of my resolutions to make more of an effort in myself next semester!

Travel is something I love to do and something I need to do more, so I love this post. It has a sense of purpose, so I can plan trips in the near future.

Like the previous post I mentioned, this post has a sense of purpose and a post that I am attempting to follow. I have managed to complete a few more things on the list that must be crossed off, and it is something readers can use too!

This was a challenge I was tagged to do during the summer called " 8 photos of happiness" which involved sharing photos that made you feel bliss on your blog. The first one is of my cats. It is such a lovely post to read back on and makes me feel squishy inside. Be sure to read the post to see what other pictures I shared.

Bloom was a great event I attended during the summer and I was so happy to share it on my blog. I would highly recommend the experience of this yearly garden show. Be sure to check out the post if you would like to attend in 2016.

This has to be my favourite outfit post ever. I love the dress, which I also wear as a shirt sometimes and some of the photos, I think are amazing. I feel very confident looking back on these photos as well as beautiful.

Some of my favourite blogposts to read are those of people going on lovely days out. I love seeing the lovely places that are available around the world. I was glad that I had the chance to write my own "day out" kind of post and contribute to lifestyle blog posts with this day out to Huntington Castle and the forge in Carlow.

In March of this year, I travelled to the south of France to the beautiful city of Nice and had the chance to go to Monaco, Cannes and Antibes also. We went for four days and it was one of the best trips ever. I love that I have shared it on my blog as I can always look back at the fun times I had and it highlights some of the things to do in the South!

I'm pretty sure that this is one of my most-read posts of the year and it is pretty easy to see why. It is very relatable and for me personally, it shows how much I have grown since my first few months in UCD when I was a meek little first year.

What are some of your favourite posts from your own blogs this year?


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