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Hello lovelies,

I am finally off for my Christmas holidays and ready to write consistently on my blog. I am adamant on making a change in the new year and consistently staying committed to the blog.

Christmas is literally around the corner, and as I do most years, I have left the whole gathering of gifts to the last minute. I always get worried about gifts for my boyfriend, he is one of the most important people to me in my life and I always have to get it consistently right to show how much I care. Even though I have been with him for almost two and a half years, I always find it difficult to find something right. I hope he finds it as challenging as I do!

I honestly did a lot of consideration about what I could do for him. I brainstormed ideas in my head and tried to imagine the outcome, I headed to shops, had a browse to see if anything fit into an ideal gift, and I also managed to pick up some pieces as jokes in the most unexpected of places!

The one piece of advice I would give is to imagine yourself in his shoes. If you were him and had just received something, how would you feel about it? When I did this, it made me feel that some of the choices I was making weren't the right ones, so I changed my mind about them. For example, I was in Hollister for a good while looking for a hoodie to buy him and when I went in, I couldn't imagine anything that would have suited Cathal. Also, he's not really one of those guys who is fashionable or enthusiastic to any extent about clothes. It wouldn't have been a horrible gift, but it wouldn't have been loved the way I wanted it to be. So I decided against it. It is an excellent gift for the more fashionable of people, and because it might be better quality than a hoody or lounge wear of H&M.

However, my boyfriend most definitely is a nerd. He is in his third year of Theoretical Physics in Trinity College Dublin, enjoys science and typically nerdy things like anime and Yugioh. That is why I have inserted some Anime merchandise i.e a Death note from the show Death Note (something I got him last year) and a YuGiOh card. If your boyfriend talks about his nerdy obsessions, use this to your advantage and try to get a present related to anime, YuGiOh or whatever else your other half may be interested in. Star wars the force awakens which was released this month would be another cool themed gift to give especially if you have a boyfriend who is into the franchise.

Something else you could do is make something for your other half. As a student, it can be hard to make a lot of purchases, which is why making things can be ideal and it also shows that you have put a lot of thought and effort in for the person. Last week I made Cathal a batch of cookies, and placed it in a bag which was decorated Christmassy and had a cute little label with ingredients needed to make a batch. There are also more crafty bits and pieces you can make that are a bit more sentimental and meaningful, perhaps something that means a lot to the other person. There are always loads of great ideas on youtube and blogs which is where I get a lot of inspiration.

What have you gotten people special to you for Christmas in the past?


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  1. love the list, clothes is definitely always a great idea..would you like to follow each other, let me know? xoxo

  2. Awesome selection! Love the Star Wars themed necklace!



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