December Insta month!


Hey Guys,
I hope you are all well.

It is now the end of December, and time for the year to a close. 2015 has brought about some great memories and opportunities. I'm hoping that 2016 will bring about even better opportunities and will allow me to grow as a person and find myself more than I have now. I am now going to discuss the activities that have occurred in the month of December in my Instagram month.

A lot of December was spent studying for the final exams, so naturally I spent a lot of time by computers and notebooks, learning and writing material to learn material for the exams. One of the days I came in early and had such a lovely fry up in the Pi Restaurant in the Science Building.

One weekend, I took a break from my studies and headed to Dublin city to do a bit of Christmas shopping. My friend Martin met me shortly after I arrived in the centre. We both treated ourselves to hot chocolates in the Butler's Chocolate shop in town. It was literally one of the best hot chocolates I have tasted in my life. I also managed to pick up a few gifts on the way.

The exams themselves were fine. Three went relatively well and the others were okay. During the exam period. I spent a good chunk of time with friends studying and ended up buying far too much take out food.

Now that I am home, I have spent a lot of time with my family relaxing. I had a wonderful Christmas with my family filled with the usual things, dinner, chocolates and gifts. I was delighted with what I was given! I got so many lush products in a bath time gift box which is going to be used a lot! I have also been colouring in adult colouring books alot! They've been so much fun! 

I have no intentions of going out to celebrate the new year, but rather have a nice chill night in with my family.

Happy new year! 


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