October Insta-month and Life Update!


Hey Everyone,

I hope you are all well! Today is November 15th , marking the first half of the month! I can't believe how quickly it has passed!! I have kept myself occupied at college. I have been having plenty of projects and assignments fired in my direction, which is one of the main reasons I haven't been around. In the next two weeks I have one assignment due, 3 exams and a presentation to be done, so I've a lot to be stressing about! I am looking forward to being off for Christmas and having a break for 5 weeks.

Shockingly, I have not shared my instagram photos for October. At the end of the month I usually share my photos of the month, making this blogpost a fortnight late!! Better late than never, I suppose! If you would like to follow me on Instagram, my page is available here! 

I have to say that October was one of the best months this year. For some reason, I got into a very festive and halloween-y mood. I have taken an abundance of leafy posts, and typical pictures of autumnal things. I also had a habit of making our student house cosy by lighting candles around the house. I love scented candles.

I decided to invest in a notebook to keep organised for the year ahead. It has definitely be working. This is definitely my number one tip for staying organised if anybody is having trouble.

I ended up going for dinner to a Chinese buffet called "Jimmy Chungs" in Dublin with friends. It ended up being a great night. I ate so much food and I have written a review here! 

My dad got me a whole load of Lush products, all which have been reviewed on the blog!!! I got a bath bomb called "Lord of Misrule", a bubble bar called "Sparkly Pumpkin", a shower jelly "Night wing" and the "lord of misrule" in shower gel form. I have to say I have enjoyed all of the products. Would definitely recommend them. Read the reviews which were published at the end of October for a more in depth review.

It was my friend Brian's birthday on October 26th. We decided to surprise him early so he wouldn't expect anything! We ended up having a night filled with princess cake (which included a tiara that Brian still has), pumpkin carving and a trip bowling. I played very well in the first game, however that soon declined when we started the second game. After the game we got a cute group photo.

I got so festive on Halloween week. I ended up making some spooky cupcakes and I dressed up twice during the week. The first time I did a full face of skull make up. It was very hard to get in my contact the first time. The second time I managed to insert the contacts. But I decided to do just half my face.

It was national Cat day at the end of the month, so of course I had to upload an obligatory picture with my cat. Finally my progress in the gym has been on-going. I am very content with my progress.

What have you been uploading to instagram lately? 


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  1. Seems like you have been having a great couple months :) You take such lovely photos dear :)


  2. Love the photos! I can't believe we are half way through this month already!


  3. Aww these photos are all fab, I love this post! I tried to get into Halloween this year but it crept up too fast and I just wasn't prepared! And I've hardly been blogging :( instagram is the only thing that's easy to keep up with! Love all the halloween themed photos, your make up looks awesome, and so does your carved pumpkin :D and well done on your fitness - I really need to get back into it but I'm sooo tired aaalll the time. Third year is tough! My insta is mostly food and selfies haha, I have nothing else to take photos of!

    I totally can't believe we're this far into November already!

    1. It's crazy! Time has been going so quickly. It's true that Instagram is the easiest way to stay involved online.
      Hopefully we will post more in December/ :)

  4. Amazing post dear! You have a wonderful blog:)
    What about following each other on Instagram, Bloglovin, Twitter?.. :)


  5. seems like your month have been very fun! thanks for sharing your insta update!

    The Color Palette


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