Things to do on Halloween!


Hey Guys,

I hope you have been enjoying my activity on the blog recently. I have been trying really hard to balance between college work, a social life and my blogging website. I feel I have been progressing quite well this week.

Have you no plans for Halloween yet and don't want to be stuck at home doing absolutely nothing? Well then, this is the post you should be reading. I thought I would come up with a few easy things you could do with your friends or family on Halloween. If you have no plans this might be very helpful for you!!!

Things to do on Halloween!
1. Have a Halloween Party - You don't necessarily have to host a party, you could just attend a party of a friend's or if there is one in your university, why not attend? Between dressing up, hanging out with friends and maybe having a bit to drink, you are sure to have a whale of a time.

2. Baking - If you aren't the "party animal" type, then why not indulge in a hobby. One of my personal favourites is baking. There are so many different things you could make such as cupcakes. I have seen a good lot of Halloween recipes on blogs and YouTube. One that stands out to me is a green jelly hand recipe I saw on A red lip and love. 

3. Watch Scary Films - Some people prefer staying in the house for the night, so why not creep yourself out by watching a few spooky films. You are bound to get a fright then. I think the insidious movies are a pretty good option if you are stuck for ideas.

4. Take young ones out trick or treating - If you're too old for trick or treating but still see the magic in it you should definitely  opt for taking kids you know out to a neighbourhood to trick or treat and collect sweets. You could go with younger siblings or cousins and people won't think you're weird because you are supervising.

Happy Halloween!
 Let me know what you'll be up to this weekend. x


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  1. Great post dear!

  2. Great list! I actually did the baking one!! I made cute candy corn cupcakes and they were really nice. :)



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