Studying Abroad - things to consider.


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Last week I was at an information fair in UCD provided for those stage one and stage two students who are interested in studying abroad for the third stage of their degree. As a stage two student, my time is running pretty low and with deadlines coming in at the end of November, I really felt it was worth while attending the event. I thought that I may as well share some of the things you should probably consider when you want to study abroad.

The following are issues you should address when thinking of studying abroad.

Where are you going to study? Most colleges offer a large range of places where students can study. The school of Agriculture in UCD mainly offer places in the U.S, but also in Queensland in Australia which is very competitive to get into as only two applicants may attend the university in Australia. It might be a good idea to weigh up your options and see which place might suit you the best.

How much is it going to cost? The price of studying abroad is an issue that concerns most people who consider going abroad. I think that price shouldn't be a boundary as it is a once in a life time opportunity. Prices that may be included in your pursuit are flight tickets, health insurance, accommodation and living costs. I have heard that it is significantly cheaper to live in America than Ireland.

What are the requirements? One must review the requirements and check if they tick all of the boxes. The UCD requirements are to have a GPA over 3.00, go through an interview, have a suitable application form and personal statement. As long as you meet all that is required you should be able to set off asap!

I am really considering going abroad. Let me know if you have been and what your experiences have been like. 


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