Restaurant Review: Jimmy Chungs, Dublin, Ireland.


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Restaurant reviews are something I have always wanted to incorporate into my blog. I am a lover of food and I absolutely love recommending places to friends and of course my lovely blog readers. It is also interesting to find out the kinds of places available in different locations around the globe.

On Thursday evening, my friends and I organised a group outing to "Jimmy Chung's", a Chinese all you can eat buffet dinner, priced at a reasonable  €14.95 per person. I starved myself for pretty much the whole day in preparation for this feast. I didn't want all this money to go to waste!!! 

The restaurant is very well laid out, you enter and pay and sit at a table with your peers and when you are ready you grab a plate and just gather as much as you  can and eat as much as possible. There are lovely luminous orange lights and a fish tank which I found very striking. I thought the interior was very appealing. Apologies for my lack of photographs. I was in company with friends and I was more focused on having a good time relaxing and eating food rather than taking photos for a blog post. In the end, I had two plates of a main course and a couple of desserts. I was absolutely stuffed.

The variety of food was unbelievable. There were about three bars full of different types of foods from rices, to noodles, to chips, to chicken balls, to sweet and sour chicken, to prawns, to squid  which was lovely. I don't usually go to buffets or all you can eat restaurants so I definitely thought it was a great way to trial and error foods.

The desserts were lovely also. There was an ice cream machine, lots of different flavours of jelly, apple crumble, cheese cakes and other fattening delights which I most definitely indulged in.

The restaurant is ideally located on Eden Quay which is right next to O Connell Street and directly overlooking Dublin's main river, the river Liffey. This is an absolutely ideal place for tourists exploring Dublin but also for friends going out or families.

Overall, I was in great company, had some nice filling food (not superior food in any league, but nice comfort food) and was comfortable and served by lovely staff. I had a nice experience and would visit again. This restaurant would get a 3.5 star rating out of 5 from me.

Have you been to any buffets or all you can eat restaurants where you live? Let me know in the comments where you have been and the type of experience you had.


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