Lush "Lord of Misrule" Bath Bomb review!


Hello Dears, 

I hope you have been enjoying my little Lush Halloween series, as I have most certainly been enjoying making good use of my Halloween goodies. I can't wait to have a sneak peak at the Christmas products from lush now. I have seen a couple of videos of Hauls on youtube and it is really making me excited. The Christmas holidays is mainly going to consist of me sitting in the bath in a whirlpool of festivities. 

My last review was on the "Lord of Misrule" Shower Scream which shares a scent with the product on the agenda for today; "Lord of Misrule" in a bath bomb shape. This is a green bath bomb with a hidden pinkness inside. For some reason, all three of my "Lord of Misrule" bath bombs seemed to get their green dust everywhere when I put them out on display in my student house. I feel like they don't stay together as well as some bath bombs, but it could just be because they have been in suitcases travelling around a lot!

The scent is a blend of Patchouli and Black Pepper Oil, forming this musky smell perfect for Halloween. When this bad boy initially plummets into your bath, a bright mixture of pink and green fuse together in your tub. It is most definitely a picture worthy product, one worth sharing on the instagram profile I reckon. There are also bits of popping candy in this product, another interesting concept introduced by Lush. 

I feel like this product makes the water really soft too! There are some products from lush that are more soft than others and I feel like this is one. 

This is definitely being added to my list of favourite products. I am delighted that I have two more of these still to pamper myself. It will be well needed in the next month when my finals are coming up for the first semester.

So that is it for my Lush Halloween product reviews. Let me know in the comments which products you have tried and which are your favourites. I will try my best to do a few Christmas product reviews as the festive season comes closer.


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  1. Ugh Lush is the best! My favorite part about it is that they don't test on animals! xx,kenz

  2. This looks like such a lovely bath bomb & the scent sounds amazing too. Haven't been to Lush in a while but definitely need to go soon x

    Beauty with charm

  3. Great post! Just went to Lush recently, but now I definitely have to go again to pick up this bath bomb!


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