10 Reasons October is my favourite month of the year!


Hello Lovelies,

I am glad to say that this week is looking to be another productive week. I am getting blogposts posted as well as keeping on top of my college work and exams etc...

It is only now that I am beginning to realise how much I love autumn. I loved summer and when September came I was a bit reluctant to say goodbye to the sunshine; but now I couldn't be happier that it is now autumn. There are so many reasons I love Autumn and October in particular so that is what the theme of today's post is going to be.

10 Reasons October is my favourite month of the year ! 
1. The Hot Beverages - This is such a stereotypical blogger's answer as to why they love autumn, but honestly it is so true! Hot chocolate would have to come first for me in terms of beverages I absolutely want to indulge in (especially when it is piled with cream and marshmallows). I also want to try some cinnamon or pumpkin spiced beverage also. More recently, I have been into having some green teas too! 

2. Dark Lipsticks - I never used to wear dark lipsticks before recently. I suppose something clicked and just changed within me. I now adore flaunting my latest dark lip and I really think Autumn is the time to do this!

3. Smoky Eyes - This kind of links with my point about dark lips. I absolutely love flaunting a smoky eye at this time of year. Can somebody tell me why people feel so much more enthused to wear darker cosmetic products at this half of the year. 

4. Cuddles - If any body knows me well, then they will know that I adore cuddles, seriously I think they are one of the most underrated things in the world. You feel close to somebody and warm when you cuddle them. I feel like at this time of the year it is more common to get all snuggly and warm.

5. Lighting Candles - I have been an avid candle lover for awhile now. I am particularly fond of scented candles. I love lighting them. Not only is a lightly fragrance aroma spread throughout the room, but I feel like it adds a bit of atmosphere. 

6. Halloween - I would be lying if I said I go absolutely mad on Halloween every year. I honestly don't. But I love the idea of it, dressing up, experimenting with make up, face paints and clothing items to form costumes. It sounds like fun. I am hoping to do something this year. 

7. Cosy clothes - It is at Autumn and Winter where the most comfortable clothes are worn. Currently I am writing this blogpost in pajamas and a baggy jumper. You really can't beat it. I also love going to college is sweaters, leggings and jeans. 

8. It is close to Christmas - As the nights draw in earlier and earlier, it reminds us that Christmas is approaching. I for one love Christmas. I love spending time with my friends as well as my family and spreading joy to the ones I love. 

9.Using Lush Bath Products - Autumn is the best time to be using bath products. Not only do baths feel so much nicer and more relaxing, but lush come out with their Christmas and Halloween themed products. I have seen a few repeats of last years as well as a few new appearances in this year's collection!

10. Taking Autumnal Photos - I absolutely love capturing photos, be it of friends or of nature. Before I got my iphone 6 last week it was very difficult to take pictures. Now that I have it I have been taking heaps and I love sharing them on instagram with you. 

What is your favourite month of the year and why?


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  1. Yes yes yes! I love Autumn too - October is particularly good cos of Halloween and my boyfriend's, housemate's, and dad's birthdays :-D
    I love cuddles so much, I'm such a snuggly person!
    amber love


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