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On my visit to UCD last week, I noticed that there were quite a chunk of people around the campus, most likely consuming mainly of the new freshers beginning their college experience. It is such a daunting but exciting time in your lives. Although you may be nervous, I can't stress the importance of getting involved on campus and attending events. So I have come up with a few suggestions on things to do in the coming weeks.

Orientation Week (1st - 4th of September)
UCD host orientation week on the very first week of September. This is the time where most residents decide to move up to Dublin and unpack their things in their on campus residence. Last year UCD Res Life organised things like an outdoor movie night, a bbq and tokens you could exchange for free ice cream etc. Orientation week is such a vital time which can be used to get to know your housemates, neighbours and even people on your course before lectures even begin.

Things to do on Orientation Week: 

1. Get to know your House mates : It is most certainly best to get to know some of your house mates in this week as you will be living with them for the next year. That means you'll see each other a lot so you may as well get the ball rolling. My house mate Clare and I went on a walk around campus, watched "Missus Doubtfire" and went to a barbecue last year. Doing little things like that can really make you feel at ease. It was also my birthday my second day away from home, so my house mates bought me a cake which was so sweet of them.

2. Meet your Peer mentor: I don't know if other colleges do this, but in UCD we have a peer mentor scheme. Your peer mentor will most likely be in second year of your course and can give you guidance. They are mainly just a source you can use should you have any worries or queries. It's such a good idea.

3. Head to the Orientation Tent: There will be a tent up near the health sciences building for Orientation week. In this tent, freshers will be provided with information on the student union as well as freebies.

First Week of Lectures (7th - 11th of September):
Weirdly, the UCD students are back before most other students in Dublin. I don't mind though because I enjoy college so much. The week following this week of lectures is freshers week which is also hectic.

Things to do this week
1. Go out on Black Monday (First Monday of Term) : Black Monday is what is known as the first Monday of the Academic year. Every single student in UCD is back on this day, and most are prepared to go out and get absolutely pissed drunk. (See post on Black Monday here) It is one of the most well anticipated days in UCD, security floods the campus on this day because students get up to drunken mischief! Go out on this night as it is meant to be the best night out in Dublin.

2. Attend Lectures : It is totally essential that lectures are attended this week. Not only will you become more familar with your surroundings, you will also get to know people's names and faces. By the end of this week, you want to be well settled and know where your lectures are at least!

3. Join the Gym - This is something that is completely optional to do, but if you would like to join the gym, you should do so as early as possible so you will get access to the gym quicker. UCD allow you to book an online gym induction on their online sisweb site.

Freshers Week (September 14th - 18th)
Freshers week is another mad and crazy week, but it is basically the time when you get to join clubs and societies, one of the primary elements of university life.

Things to do on Freshers' Week 

1. Go out and Get Drunk - This one is very self explanatory and it is what most students like to do on Freshers' week.

2. Join Societies - Join Clubs and societies that interest you. Remember that societies will generally charge 2 euro for membership and clubs will generally be more expensive as equipment is used in clubs. I will be writing a post later this month about societies I think you should join.

3.Attend Society Events - During Freshers week is a time when a lot of societies host events. Be sure to attend some. As a member of the French Society committee, I know we have two events planned for that week. Details will be posted on the Facebook and Twitter pages of UCD French Soc in the near future!

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