The First Week of College: A review!


Hello Lovelies!

I hope you are all well! This week has been absolutely hectic for me! Between seeing my friends again, meeting my new house mates, unpacking and going to lectures again; I can officially say that I am wrecked! Despite this, I have been pretty consistent in adding posts to the blog this week! I am hoping to continue this streak, and hopefully allow myself time to catch up on other blogs too as I love doing that just as much. I thought that I would share a quick little review of my first week in college this year. 

I came up on Saturday as I wanted to be very organised, unpack and have my side of the room pristine and tidy before my room mate arrived the following day. I was too excited to leave it any longer to make the trip up to Dublin. When we got up, I met one of my neighbours in an apartment downstairs. She was pretty friendly and had a cat! I hope my cat Belle won't get too jealous! After that, my Saturday consisted predominantly of unpacking and placing things in the right places. Soon Sunday arrived, and some of my friends were coming up to move into their places so I thought I'd swing on by to keep them company. I ended up meeting my friend Brian's girlfriend and introducing my friends to my old friend Freddie! The all Ireland match was on between Kilkenny and Galway, so we went down to "The Leeson Lounge" on Leeson Street, had a pint of cider and watched the match to find Kilkenny won for the forth time in a row.

After the weekend, it was time for lectures to begin. Although I was more excited about the thought that it was "Black Monday". This is the first day of term where there are floods of people out in Dublin. I nonetheless went to all my lectures. On Monday evening, my friends came over to surprise me to a birthday cake and a card as they couldn't see me on the actual day. It was so lovely. I was delighted. We had predrinks in mine before heading out to Diceys. It was a total rip off to get in - 10 euros, and the night was terrible as we had all lost each other by the end of it! To top that, Dicey's ended up closing at 1:30 am and I wasn't going to go through the effort of going elsewhere! The predrinks were where my cherished memories from that night will stand.

For most of the week, I was pretty much dossing around with my friends and catching up. I also got a San Marinos with Martin and Brian. If you are in Dublin and feel like getting a take away, opt for San Marinos. It is absolutely delicious and really affordable.

I managed to have a golden week this week and attend all of my lectures in full. We have a large variety of lectures this year, but currently "Business Management" is my favourite.

One thing I managed to do this week was finally join and attend the gym. So far I have attended twice. I joined on Wednesday and I went both on Thursday and Friday! (Today is Friday as I write this post by the way!) I really thought that it was going to be horrible and that I'd hate it and dread it every time I went. But it was fine. I originally said I'd stay for 30 minutes, but I ended up staying for 45 minutes which is great for my first session! I have even looked into starting some classes or even getting a free personal trainer to help me tone up. I will definitely try to write some fitness posts, although I am no expert.

What have you been up to this week?


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