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It seems like it was only yesterday when I innocently first stepped into the fresher's tent in UCD and joined a lot of societies as well as collected tonnes of freebies that would keep anybody satisfied!! The time seems to have gone by in a speedy whirl and now I am in second year Ag student, hoping to entice the new students to join the French Society. I thought it would be a good idea to share the kind of societies I think people should join. I hope you enjoy guys!

1. Ag Soc:  My complete support and love for this society probably comes across as a bit biased because I am in the school of Agriculture and Food Science and I will be awarded a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at the end of my degree. However, this society is most definitely worth the mention! Not only does the membership card get you into various night clubs for free but it also allows you to get discounts in many shops and restaurants. Ag Soc also organise fun things, such as the famous "Ag Week" held on a yearly basis. All of the money made from the week goes to charity. Last year, the society made over €20,000 which went to pieta house.

2. A Cultural Society:  UCD offer so many societies that explore different cultures, from the Spanish Society to the Japanese Society. Last year I joined two societies which come under this category, "French Soc" and "An Cumann Gaelach" which is the Irish Society. The great thing about societies like French or German Soc is that they offer a trip once a year for its members. Last year I went with the French Society to Nice in the South of France. I had such a good time that I was inspired to join the committee and promote French on campus. There weren't many events on last year during fresher's week with the French Society. However, this year we are organising a petit déjeuner as well as a film night with wine and cheese tasting. Details will be available on the facebook page. 

3. GameSoc:  There isn't a shadow of a doubt in my mind that Game Soc was one of the most welcoming and friendly societies in UCD last year. I felt extremely comfortable around the people there. They were also very organised in terms of their events. Their emails always came on time, so their members could know about events well in advance. They also had things going on every day of the week. Certain nights were designated for different types of games e.g board games, video games. I am not a big player of games and I absolutely loved this society.

4. FilmSoc:  I think the title of this society explains why one would want to join it. Films are organised once or twice a week by this society and they also give out free popcorn when you are admitted to the film. I didn't go to see enough films with this society last year.

5. L&H :  L&H which stands for Literature and History, is one of the largest societies in UCD and definitely one worth joining. According to Wikipedia they are one of the Oldest debating socieities in UCD. They invite different guest speakers to speak, have house debates on a weekly basis, offer free wine at these events and sometimes food as well as holding other events. Last year they had some debates that I regrettably was unable to attend such as the debate on abortion and a debate on gay marriage which was very topical during the middle of this year. The best thing about L&H is that they allow their members to ask questions in their house debates and allow us to vote for a winner of the debates at the end of the evening.

What Societies does your college offer and which ones will you be joining this year?


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