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I have officially been back to college for a week today! Woo! I am delighted to be back. I would hate to be in Trinity waiting another week before lectures even begin. Anyways, I thought I would share my College Food Shop today. Before I headed up last Saturday, my dad and I made a journey into Aldi where I tried to buy foods in bulk. I bought about 2kgs of Pasta, 4 tins of beans, 6 tins of kidney beans etc. These are the kinds of things you want to keep as they don't have an expiry date so you can have as many as you want. Things like meat and vegetables (unless they're frozen) would have to be bought more often as they expire. Anyways, I thought I would share the products and price if I remember the prices of the food I have taken for college.

1 kg Penne Pasta - 94c
1 Kg Fusilli Pasta - 94c
1 Packet of Rice Cakes
Bag of Porridge Oats
Box of CousCous
Ready to Wok Noodles (2 pack) x4 - 89c each
Loaf of Gluten Free Bread

Fruit and Veg7 Bananas - 49c (Aldi Super 6)
Brocolli - 49c (Aldi Super 6)
1 Kg Carrots - 49c (Aldi Super 6)
4 Avocados - 69c each (Lidl)
2 Courgettes - €1.59
3 Bell Peppers - €1.59
1 box of frozen raspberries (300g I think) - €1.59
6 Red Onions - 59c
6 tins of kidney beans 23c each
4 tins of bachelors Beans
2 tins of sweet corn
1 Sweet Potato
4 Jars of Pasta Sauce

Meat and Protein 3 fillets of Chicken - €4
Almond Nuts - €1.89
Peanut Butter
Tinned Tuna Fish

Dairy2 L Full Fat Milk - €1.89
500 ml Natural Yoghurt - 55c
4 pack of yoghurts

Other4 Cans of Cullen's Cider
Packet of crisp bread with chia and oats
Milled Linseed
Milled Flaxseed
Seasoning (Salt, pepper, cumin, cinnamon - my faves)

That is basically everything I got for college foodwise. People are always saying that fruit and vegetables are very expensive. If you buy in Aldi they're very cheap!

What kind of food do you have in your cupboard for college?


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  1. This was a great insight :) I shopped at Aldi when I was at Uni, so many bargains - especially the fruit & veg like you say!

    Style Sunrise☀



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