Love/Hate Tag!


Hello Lovelies,

Sorry about the lack of posting in general. I haven't had many good ideas for blogposts lately, so there was nothing to post. I did however get tagged by the lovely Yana from Time with Yana to do the Love/Hate Tag!

The tag is extremely simple. All you have to do is state ten things you love and ten things you hate and tag ten other bloggers to do the tag. I'm just going to allow anybody who wants to do the tag to do it as opposed to tagging people who don't want to do the tag. So without further ado, I shall go on and complete the tag!

What I Love: 

1. College. I love my course (especially the business elements to it, which surprised me), the independence, my friends and the overall atmosphere. Having a whale of a time there.

2. Disney - Be it songs, movies, cuddly toys! Anything disney, I'm there!

3. Cuddles. They're one of my favourite things in the world.

4. Productive days - it feels so great when you get so much completed in a day!

5. Family - I appreciate them so much more than I used to and I miss my mum loads in college.

6.  Cats. I am probably going to grow into an old crazy cat lady!

7. Baking - It's a great hobby of mine and you also get yummy treats in the end!!! 

8. Youtube - constant access to awesome videos, what's not to love?

9. Fashion - I like buying new clothes, forming outfits with the clothes I have and seeing what is on trend and what's a bit different in the stores. 

10. Movie Nights with friends. <3 

What I hate:
1. Hypocrites. I know too many.

2. Being ill. I find it hard to do anything at that stage.

3. Having reports to do for college. I just despise having to reference my work and sometimes getting started is very difficult and frustrating. Unfortunately there are so many in my course.

4. Hangovers, which unfortunately follow nights out! I am always wrecked when I have them and fail to get much done that day!

5. Getting embarrassed, which seems to be happening a lot lately. I fell off my chair in a recent lecture. I feel so self-concious for the rest of the class. 

6. When I can't do anything with my hair.
7. When people pretend they haven't studied for an exam and come out with top marks!

8. Poverty - It's really sad to think that people live with very little and don't have the opportunity to receive an education. 

9. Wasting food - this is something that drove me mad about my house mates last year. 

10. Bad drivers or back seat drivers.


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