How to Spice up a Student Pad!


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Having a student friendly apartment is all well and good until you realise that it feels more like a hotel room than a home. Last year, when I lived in Glenomena and my student card functioned as my house keys, it definitely encouraged this feeling of living in a motel rather than a home. This year I have a place with actual keys, but I somehow feel that it isn't enough to make a place feel like home. I have decided to devise and demonstrate the many ways that you can turn your place in college your home away from home.

1. Candles and Lighting: 

If anything makes a house feel cosy it is definitely lighting. I love scented candles and fairy lights which I think transform the place and make it look really cute. You can save electricity by lighting candles instead of bedside lamps.

2. Decor and Pictures :

Adding Decor and pictures is what makes the place personalised. Try to add pictures of quotes and images that inspire you or pictures you have with friends so you can cherish memories. You could get them professionally printed or print them yourself at home!

3. Blankets and Cushions:

Blankets and Cushions are what makes the place comfortable. I love getting snuggled up for a night and wrapping a blanket around myself on the couch. The beauty blogger inside my brain also insisted that I needed some decorative pillows. But you have to admit it spices the place up a bit.

How do you make your College space feel homely?


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  1. These are all such great ideas! I'm so excited to decorate my dorm at school this next year! :)

    Kendra | Stnkrbug


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