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Hello Lovelies, 

There is really no doubt in my mind that one of the most hyped about gadgets in the past year has been the selfie stick. With the growing of networks like youtube and the higher frequency of daily vlogging etc in this modern day culture dominated by the internet, the selfie stick was bound to come sooner or later. I was a bit obsessed with the idea of them initially and have wanted to give them a go. You can imagine my surprise when I was offered to give this selfie stick from Hawkins Bazaar a go. 

Retailing at only £5.00 sterling, this gadget is a very good gift for a lover of photography or just a friend. The selfie stick comes packaged in a slimline box which includes an armband for your wrist, the stick for added distance and a cradle for holding your phone. The cradle is also removable and a camera can be used on this selfie stick, something that is helpful to youtube vloggers. 

This device can be used on various types of phone. Don't worry if your phone is wide as the cradle stretches up to 9cm and can hold most mobiles. On the back of the packaging there are instructions on how to use it. If you are using an Apple Iphone like myself, you simply just need to plug in the cable attached to the selfie stick into the device, open your camera and snap away with the click of the button on the stick.  If you have an android phone, you must ensure that the OS is above 4.2.2. Some android phones do not require additional software. If the remote shutter does not work when you plug in the cable, download the app named "360 camera" and it should work. That app is compatible with all android smart phones.

My delivery was delayed for some odd reason, but other than that the service from Hawkins Bazaar was pretty good and it was well packaged. I highly recommend their service and I think they have perfect gifts too!

Do you have a selfie stick?


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  1. It sounds awesome, I didn't know we could use it for cameras too! Thanks for sharing! =D

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