Freshers' Week in College: A review!


Hello Lovelies,
I hope you are all well. I apologise for my lack in blogposts this week. If I am totally honest with you, I didn't really have much time or many ideas this week so I was unable write much on the blog. 

This week was one of the busiest weeks of the academic year, freshers' week. This is the time when most go a bit mad, probably get pretty drunk (I am no exception) and have the chance to join lots of clubs and societies as well as attend a lot of societal events. 

As I have an active role as the PR officer for the French Society, you can imagine that the week was pretty hectic for me. I was talking to a lot of people, trying to get them to join the society as well as record relevant information for social media and publish it (in English and in French). I find that my French language isn't as strong as some of the other committee members, but hopefully I'll get better as the year progresses. 

On Monday night we decided that we would head out to meet Caroline's friend Rian (who in the end didn't end up making the journey to the city centre). Nonetheless, we decided to go out regardless. The night ended up being pretty rubbish. All of the clubs in Dublin were full, there was no possibility of us getting in anywhere so we headed to MacDonalds instead and had food. We had a few drinks before hand in Caroline's with Brian's girlfriend Michelle and our other friend Gillian who was ill at the time.

Despite Monday's disappointment, Tuesday was a really good night. We decided we would head out to Lafayettes for The Ag Soc County Colours. Normally on this night people will wear a jersey of the county they come from. I wore a Kilkenny Jersey, Martin was in a Cavan and Gillian sported the Carlow colours. Brian forgot that county colours was on this week and therefore didn't wear any! This was our first time venturing to Martin's house which is closer to the city centre than UCD. We had a few predrinks there and ended up playing the game of regrets; Kings. Due to playing this game, I got horrendously drunk! I am really surprised I was admitted into the club. Gillian described me as a rag doll who was out of control. I was also bought a drink in the club to make matters worse! I was so intoxicated that I didn't notice that a few guys took their tops off in the night club. I was in a very good state of mind when I was drunk. I wasn't emotional or throwing my guts up or sobbing like a baby, I was pretty relaxed, almost docile! My hangover faded quickly the next day, however I was very tired and had to endure a lab.

On Wednesday evening, the French Society hosted an event, a film night with wine and cheese tasting. The food went down pretty well and the wine bottles were empty by the end of this event. We watched "Intouchables", a comedy film in French with English subtitles. I enjoyed what I saw of the film, but I was pretty tired and unable to focus my attention solely on the movie.

On Thursday I decided I would head to an event hosted by the Mathematical society. They were giving out free pizza, so I really had no choice about the matter. I was also given some lager, which I wasn't as keen on. I mainly went to catch up with one of my former house mates Clare who I lived with last year. We were talking about how weird it is not seeing each other all the time. I invited her up to my new place some time in the near future so I'll hopefully see her face soon!

On Friday I was absolutely relieved that the week was over. I was wrecked. I just wanted my bed. We also reached 600 members in the French Society which was record breaking for us. I have to say I am quite proud that I have contributed to that achievement. I can only hope that we grow further as a society from here on out!

The weekend was pretty busy also! I attended the gym twice, got a bit of study done for a test I have in a week's time. I also caught up with my friend from home Freddie and visited my little brother who is currently in hospital. I hope he can leave soon. :(  Today I got my shopping done for the week and had some fun at Brian's house!!!

What have you been up to this week?


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  1. Good luck with being the PR officer for the French society! I'm out of college now but when I was in DCU I had a great time being the PRO for a society. Hard work but such fun as well!

    Claire // Technicolour Dreamer

    1. Thanks Claire. I'll definitely be in contact if I need any help. :)

  2. I wish you all the best Ellen... good luck!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  3. I'm just about to head into my final year and have just bought my tickets for fresher's week - not sure if your uni is the same, but it's like getting tickets to a beyonce concert! sold out in 30 minutes! Your blog made me soooo excited to see my uni friends again (I live abroad) - Have an amazing year! xx

    1. Awh I am glad you're excited to see your friends again. When are you back?


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