Blogging Plans for September!


Hello beauties,

Today is the first of September, a day that marks my second anniversary with my lovely boyfriend Cathal, but also a day that signifies the beginning of Autumn and back to school. In six days, I am back to college and I will be getting into a daily routine of attending lectures, hanging with my friends from college, societal duties with the UCD French Society (I am on the committee) and of course studying. There is no doubt that there will be compromise in my blogging schedule with the whole excitement of being up in Dublin again. Staying on top of my blog and posting frequently is something I feel like I am going to struggle with this month. I found the challenge of publishing a post a day in August pretty tough and didn't manage to achieve the goal of 31 posts that month. However, I am still determined to keep up my writing and publish as many posts as I can while keeping my life together in Dublin!

This month I am intending on supplying a lot of college and lifestyle based posts as well as miscellaneous posts. I think that it is something in great demand particularly in August and September. I thought I would put a spin on my posts and guides for freshers by using my posts to advertise things going on in Dublin and in UCD.  As I am in charge of Public Relations for the French Society this year for the committee, I thought that talking about it on my blog might be an interesting way to advertise it to my readers from University. I know there are a good few of you!!!

Currently I have no other posts planned. But I am hoping that the inspiration will come my way in a few days, just so I can write some posts for those of you not in Uni.

What are you looking forward to this month? 


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  1. I'm so stressed out about school to be honest. It's my last year and I have to do lots of preparing for final exams because in Ukraine they're quite complicated/confusing, so I have like one day left in a week for blogging. Rest of the week, except weekend, I'm at school from 8.30am till 6/7pm. YOLO, lol :D

    Also I thought it would be easier for you if I answer your question here. I remember using conditioner that has keratin in it and it's worked great for me. Keratin makes your hair smooth as well as helps to grow it faster x


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