20 Things I've learnt in the last 20 years!


Hello Lovelies,
I hope you are all well.

It was my birthday yesterday. I had a pretty chill day. I didn't want to do anything extravagant this year. I am happy to say that the photos shared on my facebook wall weren't overly embarrassing or mortifying. Thank God! 

I have seen these kinds of posts around a lot so I thought I would join in the fun after my birthday had passed. There are so many things I have learnt in life but here are some that come to mind. So without further ado, here are 20 lessons I have learnt in the past 20 years.

1. You can be the change you want to see in your life. If you want to alter anything in your life, be it your eating habits or fitness, you are ultimately the one who can change it.

2. True friends are much more valuable than lots of friends.

3. Hard work will come with positive results. You may as well try your best at everything what you do.

4. Clothes from the past will come back in Style.

5. Jeans will never go out of style.

6. If you have nothing nice to say, it is best not to say anything at all.

7. Two wrongs do not make a right. You should not seek revenge. I'm a firm believer in Karma.

8. Nobody's perfect! We all have problems of our own.

9. There is nothing more fulfilling in life than Education. I don't know, I just really like learning things.

10. Trust and Honesty are key traits to a successful relationship.

11. When you drift apart with a friend it is nobody's fault.

12. The person who can love you most is yourself.

13. You should never be afraid to say no to something you don't want to do. 

14. Eating good food is more healthy and satisfying than eating bad foods.

15. You will have to compromise a lot in your life for friends and family. But they will have to compromise for you at some stage.

16. The only way we'll overcome our fears is by facing them.

17. Being a nice person on the inside is more important than looking nice on the outside.

18. You will embarrass yourself a lot in life.

19. You should be around the people who bring out the best in you.

20. You can be friends with your ex .

What are some of the things you've learnt?


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  1. The first one's the best :) xoxo


  2. I totally agree with most of these!

    What I recently learned from studying and leaving abroad is that we have a lot more that we need. And I also learned the real value of money.

    Be | lovefrombe

    1. Thanks. I am thinking of studying abroad so it is nice to hear what other people thought :)

  3. Number 19 is definitely something I've had to work on in the past few months. I love this post! :)

  4. number 4 and 18 are very true to me :p haha

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. What a great list! I've learned so much over the past years but one of the main things I've learned is trying to understand my own self-worth. Feeling confident in my own skin is super important and I'm slowly but surely getting there!

    Xx Naomi in Wonderland

    1. Good. I am glad to hear you are progressing.

  6. Awesome list, all so true! I remember when I turned 20, ahh lol. Happy Birthday Lovely!


  7. Really interesting list and motivating at the same time!


  8. Happy belated birthday!
    Brilliant post, I can literally relate to everything. But number 18 is probably my favourite one, because oh well embarrassing myself seems to become my hobby now lol :D

  9. Number 6, yes! I dislike rude people. Anyways great list doll. I hope you had the best birthday ever :D



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