Why I prefer my lifestyle in college.


Hello Lovelies,

It is extremely apparent that my lifestyle differs a lot in College than when I am at home. At home, I am a country girl, and spend a lot of my time bored. I do appreciate its beauty and the extravagant view we have of the Black Stairs Mountains from our kitchen window, but there is only so much you can look at the same mountains every single day. I feel like I lead a very immobile lifestyle at home. I have to go through certain lengths to get to town which is a tedious 30 minute drive or bus journey and 8 euro out of the wallet to do anything I find fun with my day. I suppose that is why writing a blog has become a hobby of mine, it is something else that can occupy my time in the countryside. Although I do plan on keeping up my regular posts in Uni.

In Uni, I am pretty much never at home! The complete opposite to how I live at home. Of course I attend most of my lectures, but I go out for other reasons too. I have to run errands like go to the shops etc. and sometimes I go on jogs along the lovely campus grounds of UCD.

As you can see, my life differs a bit in Uni and at home, so I thought I would share some of the reasons I prefer my college life!

1. I am NEVER bored :

I have to say that I am almost never bored with my life when I am in college. There is always something going on on Campus, whether it's a table quiz, a societal event or a lecture. Also living in a location that is accessible to bus routes that go to Dun Laoghaire, Stillorgan or the city centre leaves plenty of options on things to do in your spare time. I have been to the cinema in Stillorgan and the city centre. Dundrum is also close by which has the largest shopping centre in Ireland. Boredom is rarely encountered in college.

2. I am independent : 

I am only starting to realise that I have gotten super independent from being in college. I have made my own independent decisions in life (E.g when I went vegetarian for seven weeks) and I am starting to enjoy my own company a lot more than I used to. College is about finding yourself and I feel like I am doing that. I am also at a point where I am independent enough to be considering studying abroad for a semester in 3rd year. I feel like at home I have a lot more dependence on my parents for food and nurture, where as the power is completely in my hands in Uni.

3. I am healthier and fitter : 

I don't know if this is completely true, but I feel like I am much healthier in College. Although my diet was pretty good this summer! I don't only feel like I am healthier in terms of my diet. I feel like I have a healthier attitude towards life and I am a lot more positive as I am always up to something rather than being a bit unproductive at home.

4. It's home away from home:

All of these things have allowed me to create a place I call my second home.

Do you prefer your lifestyle in Uni or at home?


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  1. I love being at uni too and agree that I am healthier! I think it's because there's not lots of cakes and biscuits around like there is in my parents' house... and I don't like spending too much money of food at uni! Plus I walk a lot to lectures etc :) I'm lucky to live in a city both at home and at uni, but I do feel less bore when at university. x

    Polly Cat Contemplates

  2. I found this really interesting and I know some people who feel the complete opposite to you. I'm a strong believer in it's whatever you make it.

  3. Great post! Interesting to read as I am just starting to prepare for college as a rising high school senior. XO, Nicole

  4. Hey, great post! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know when you do so that I can follow you back!
    Stay in touch. :)

    Love Avisha x

  5. jealous that you are healthier at college! I try so hard to be healthy, but its tough! x,kenz

  6. Loving that going to college is having such a great impact on your life :) Keep doing you girl!



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