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Hey Lovelies,

I'll be straight with you, I have kind of wanted to write this post for awhile now, but I have been very worried. I feel like people may think that talking openly about sex on a blog may be a bit explicit. But I write my blog as a way to share things from experience and most of the time I get a very good response. I have never shared any explicit or graphic imagery with my readers. I feel that this is a very important topic too! According to this article "Fifty-seven per cent of teenagers in Ireland use the internet to find out information about sex." It is very important in my mind to talk openly about this topic, and if not to your parents, somebody else you trust! If you have any questions pop me an email!

I don't intend to talk about the visuals of sex, I just want to share a few things I have kind of learnt from it!

1. Your Virginity really isn't that special 

It is a very old fashioned thought to believe that your virginity is something to be cherished and minded and that whoever takes your virginity should be somebody very special at least, if not the person you marry. Some people may even wait til marriage to get down to business. My view on the topic is that  you only live once, the likelihood is that you're not going to marry the first person you sleep with and y
you shouldn't feel obliged to. Of course you can choose to wait til marriage or go down the route of experimentation. The choice is ultimately yours. You can list pros and cons to both before you decide.

2, If you can't confidently buy condoms by yourself then you probably shouldn't be having sex 

A question that many young teenagers considering having sex or who are in a long term relationship have is "When will you know if you're ready for sex". There is no proper answer to this as everybody is ready for it at different stages of their life, be it at 16 or 22. One of the clear indicators that you probably shouldn't be having sex is if you are unable to buy condoms. Condoms are probably the most essential piece of contraception as they are the only contraceptive that will protect you from sexually transmitted diseases which you definitely want to avoid. If you can't pick them up and go through with the transaction there is no way you should be having sex at all! I remember when I was a bit younger hearing about people asking others to buy their condoms for them because they were too embarrassed about the transaction process. Sex is a perfectly natural thing, the worst thing that is going to happen is that you'll have a slightly awkward encounter. Afterwards there is a slim chance you'll see that sales assistant ever again. Whether you are legally of age or not, in Ireland, the sale of condoms are permitted.

3. Sex is more enjoyable when you actually like the person you're with 

Okay, this point may seem like something very obvious, but when you hear of people having one night stands, you can see why sex could end up being crap! Engage in conversation with somebody your eyeing up, flirt a little and show them you're interested. I believe that you need to have some sort of emotional connection or at least something in common before you dare to think about biting the bullet and going for it!

4. There can be a lot of pressure to have sex:
Okay so in this day and age, a lot of us have heard of at least one person who has been under age and pregnant. We may not necessarily know somebody who got pregnant, but we have at least heard of them. We also may be surrounded by a lot of people in our early-mid teens who brag and show off about having sex or whatever they're up to. This can definitely leave some feeling the pressure to have sex. I remember hearing about a couple younger than myself and my ex who were having sex when I was about 15. It kind of left me questioning why I wasn't and I almost felt a bit of pressure to get down to business. There also seems to be some sort of aim to do it before you're of legal age (17 in Ireland)! I urge you, not to do it if you're feeling pressured. You'll just know when you're ready, wait til then and everything will work properly! In 10 years time nobody is going to care what you did when you were 15, so what's the harm in delaying it til after everyone else. By the way, I am pretty sure a lot of those people showing off about sex at such a young age probably aren't having sex and are just saying it to "fit in"! Sex should be an intimate experience, kept to yourself and your partner. You can talk about it with someone you trust but it shouldn't be used as some sort of statistic to make yourself look better!

5. You should be open about sex
It is my emphatic opinion that people should be open about sex. It really annoys me when I have spoken to people who tell me they have never gotten "the talk" from their parents. When I turned 12, I was given that talk, although at the time I may have gotten into a fit of laughter it was still a very beneficial thing for me. I now feel that I can come to my mum if I ever do have any questions or worries in regards to this. If parents just assume that their children will be fine with the extremely minimal amount of sex education given in the schools, I think that's idiotic. It is a perfectly natural thing, and if you can't talk to your children/parents about it, then who can? It is this closed nature that winds up with youngsters making terrible mistakes like getting an unwanted pregnancy or even an STD. I urge you to find it in your soul to just speak about these things. I hate the narrow mindedness of some people.


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  1. great post, and -unfortunately- brave indeed! we should be more open to talk about it. it is something normal, after all!
    and you caught me on one thing: I get so embarassed buying condoms haha ;)

    1. Thanks very much :)
      It's just something I think, I don't know if it is true.

  2. Great info. I never had the talk I really think more people should be given the talk though, mostly because of all these teen pregnancies!


  3. Amazing post and lovely photo!
    Have a nice evening!
    Angela Donava

  4. I agree that people should be more open about sex. In my opinion sociaty made big deal out of nothing. It's just nature.

  5. Great post, I really think sex education needs a shake up in the UK. It's terrible! It IS better with someone you're close to, someone you know! x
    amber love


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