Make Up Revolution Parental Advisory Palette Review!


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In July, I wrote a post about Neutral Palettes I had been using and experimenting with that month! One of the ones included in that post was this beautiful "Parental Advisory Palette" from Make up Revolution. I feel as though I haven't provided an adequate amount of information in regards to this beauty, as it was essentially brand new when I originally wrote about it! I gave myself the challenge of using this "Parental Advisory" palette for a few weeks to give myself a bit more I could write on and to give some of you an idea what this product is like in terms of quality.

The "Parental Advisory" palette comes in a sleek and sturdy black box with a holographic cover which has a very monochrome theme to it. It screams "I'm a very modern" palette if you ask me, where as the Urban Decay have a more vintage and chic appearance to them. The packaging clicks closed which makes it very travel appropriate and seeing as it provides the user with 36 different neutral eye shadows, it provides a lot of versatile looks and an array of different colours for the user to play with and experiment with. The thing I love the most about this palette is that it has a pretty big ass mirror, so you can take it just about anywhere with you and there is no need to worry about mirrors if you're out and about!!!

The colours range from pearl whites to matte browns, to burnt red colours with brown undertones to golds. On the cooler end of the spectrum, there are some greys included as well as some marine themed blues and greens and some dark black colours in different finishes which offer the option of a smoky evening make up look. I really have to say that I am happy with the variety that this palette provides. There is really no other colours I'd need for an everyday look.

I feel like some of the eye shadows are more pigmented than others. I believe that the shimmers and the darker shades have a stronger colour pay off than the other eye shadows. But all of the shades are very build-able to your liking!!!

The eye shadows don't last as long as I'd like them to, so I'd definitely recommend applying an eye shadow primer underneath to add to the pigmentation as well as making the eye shadows more durable and long lasting!

This palette retails for £7.99 on the Make Up revolution website. It is available here! For the price you really can't complain too much about the quality!!!

Have you tried this palette before?


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  1. lovely review! I definitely agree with you, this palette is a lot more modern looking than the urban decay ones. I probably wouldn't pick this up if I saw it in the shop just because of this outside appearance, but the colours look nice x

    1. Thanks Nicole :)
      I think we should always look on the inside to be honest, don't judge a book by its cover!

  2. Such a gorgeous palette *-* Great review ;) Definitely is on my wishlist of Makeup Revolution palettes! xx

    1. Thank you :)
      I was going to include it in my giveaway :)

  3. Oooh this looks lovely! Love the colours! I rarely use make up, but I like playing about with it. This palette might be a good way of doing that hehe...

    1. I love the strong variety in colours :)

  4. Really considering buying this palette now, such good value for money!

  5. Just came across your blog and I love it, I think we're quite similar people haha xx


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