Funny things that have happened to me in Uni.


Hello Loves, 

When I discovered that I would be studying Agricultural Science in UCD a year ago, there is no doubt that I was prepared for the masses and masses of fun and "craic" that would be had in campus. The Ag. Students seem to have a reputation for being a rowdy bunch. But I suppose I would rather be stereotyped as rowdy than dull or boring.

I thought it would be a funny idea to share a few anecdotes I have of things that have happened during the year. I really hope you enjoy this short little post.

1.A Dog came into our Chemistry Class: I feel like a lot of people won't believe this story, but it actually happened. One day we wandered into our chemistry class, when all of a sudden we noticed a brown/black figure moving around the lecture hall. Soon enough we discovered that it was a dog! A dog. Apparently a dog started following a UCD student and followed her into a lecture, meanwhile she was trying to avoid the dog so it was just wandering around the room. I remember our Chemistry lecturer asking "Seriously Lads, who owns this dog?" Have to say it wasn't something I expected would ever happen.

2. I almost vomited in a lecture: Take a moment to imagine the scene. I am on my own, sitting beside another student I barely know. I am extremely hungover and dehydrated. Sometimes all it takes is a pint of water and a shower to cure my hangover, but this was not that day. I could feel vomit wanting to escape my mouth. I resisted and swallowed it back. But as the lecture proceeded I felt more and more like puking so I ran out of the lecture and headed to the bathroom. I remember bumping into a stranger there and they seriously thought I was going to die. I didn't really have any friends at this time of uni either.

3. I ran out of a lecture: I was the kind of student who used to go to lectures that weren't apart of my course. I have been to a computer science lecture, a physics for human nutrition lecture, a thermodynamics lecture, a psychology and a crop science lecture. One of the occasions I was in a crop science lecture, in a daze and all of a sudden the lecturer began to ask questions. I panicked because I wasn't actually supposed to be in those lectures so I left as soon as the lecturer started to ask questions.

4. I fell in a lecture: I'll be the first to admit that I am a clumsy person. In sixth year in school I was voted the most clumsy in the class, and I can see why. Although I do wish I was given a better award. Oh well. On the day of our very last physics for Ag lecture, I vivdly remember dashing towards our seats, taking a step too far down the stairs and falling. The lecturer even saw it happen! How embarrassing!

5. I answered a question in a lecture: As I came from a small school, where students were extremely comfortable around each other, I had no reason to hesitate to answer a question in Uni, even though other students may have been more reluctant to answer a question. I have been told that I was pretty brave to answer a question in front of 350 other students. Thankfully I was correct. However when I answered the question, instead of a brief silence and the continuance of the lecture, all the students in the room started a round of applause. At the time it was funny but kind of embarrassing. But the lovely Ags meant to be supportive by it I'm sure!

I think it is safe to say that I had a rather interesting years.

Has anything odd or funny happened to you in a lecture or a class?


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  1. Hey, I nominated you for a Liebster Award! :)
    Lucy x

  2. The strangest things happen at college! Having a dog walk into your lecture must've bene hilarious

    Meet Me in Midtown


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