Choosing A Debs/Prom Dress!


Here is a cute little throw back to my debs or prom last year!!! 

Hey Everyone!
I hope you are all well!

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I may have forgotten to mention that I am blogging everyday in August. I have really been enjoying it lately and I want to post as much content as possible before I am back in September. It may be a bit stressful getting everything posted but I think it's worth it to provide more content for my viewers.

Debs season has just started in Ireland and seeing as I have been to two debs (my own and Cathal's), I thought I would give a bit of last minute advice when picking a dress.

I remember that I got my first blue dress last minute and after that I decided to get my second one for my own debs well in advance.

Here is another prom photo of Cathal and I, a year earlier than the other photo!!!

1. Pick something unique:  The Debs can be a very competitive game when every girl wants to look like a princess for that one night. One of the most feared things at these events is catching someone wearing the exact same outfit as you. I got a pure vintage dress, one of a kind for my own debs. It was a beautiful black dress with gorgeous decorative beading in the shape of leaves and flowers. Alternatively you could get a dress made, but most people get one in the shops.

2. Choose the right colouring -  Another issue many people have when picking a debs dress is what colour to pick. Well depending on your features, some colours will suit you better than others. If you have blonde hair, red will look superb on you and if you have blue eyes a blue dress might just make them pop. Do a bit of research on whether you have warm toned or cool toned skin, keep your features in mind and they might help you to come up with the kind of colours you should opt for. 

3. Make sure it fits -  You're not going to be the belle of the ball if your dress doesn't fit you properly. I wouldn't advise buying your dress online. I think you really need to try it on in person to be positive that you love it and to make sure it fits you properly in the right places.

4. Be willing to pay the price -   Debs dresses can come with a bit of a price tag, make sure you're happy to pay the price that comes with it. You need to take into account the beauty of the dress and whether or not you'll wear it again. There'll probably be a wedding or a university dance you can wear it to.

Do you have a debs/prom coming up?


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  1. Nice post!!

  2. I remember my prom (many moons ago) to this day I still love my dress :) Both of yours are gorgeous :)


    1. I am glad you like my two dresses :)

  3. You look incredible in both! My prom was a very long time ago now but I still love the dress that I wore :)

    Rebecca Coco

  4. Lovely post! You look amazing in both your dresses! :)



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