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I hope you are all well.

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The Summer has been flying and it is now less than a month until my 20th birthday! I can't really believe it! Suddenly I am not a teenager any more. Anyway, I thought that I may as well post a wishlist on my blog, because a lot of people do this. My birthday is September 2nd for those wondering and if you want you can send me a gift (LOL Joking!)

Disclaimer: I am not expecting all of this stuff for my birthday, I just wanted to create a little fun wishlist of so many things that I want yet I most likely can't have!!!


I definitely have a lot on my wishlist, and if I was to get any of this at all I would be absolutely delighted with life!

1. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette:
I have been craving this palette for absolute ages and it seems to be a lot of people's favourite so I think it is a pretty good investment. Seeing as I absolutely adore my Naked Palette I know this will find a place in my heart too! I love the pinky tones which can serve for an everyday look as well as a sultry romantic look! I really think it is quite a unique palette and as it is Urban Decay I know it will be excellent quality!

2. The Body Shop Mojito Body Butter:

I remember the whole fad about this new Body Shop range in the blogosphere earlier this summer. Naturally, I felt a bit curious about what was so good about these products. Whilst in Dublin, I put some of the sample pot on my skin. I fell in love. I mainly loved the scent and I don't have any body shop products at all. It is pretty pricey for some body butter but it would be a lovely pamper product.

3. MAC Up the Amp Amplified Lipstick:
This year, I made a small investment into my first MAC lipstick which was "Up the Amp", a gorgeous pinky-purple colour. Ever since I left college, I couldn't find it at all, so I was left pretty heart broken. I have to say though, this was the best lipstick I ever tried. It had some pretty strong pigmentation as well as a nice creamy feeling to it which is why I want a replacement. I have been trying to find a Make Up Revolution equivalent but I don't think any lip product will be as good as the original.

4. Rimmel London Kate Moss Nudes :
This is another popular new release of Summer 2015. The new Rimmel London Kate Moss nude lipsticks collection is a small collection of 4 or 5 lipsticks. As an avid lover of Rimmel London products and the particular finish of the Kate Moss Lipsticks, I was definitely eyeing these up in every boots store I have been in for the past month or so. I am particularly interested in the shade 45, which is a dark pink nude. I think it would be perfect for an everyday look.

5. Benefit Hoola Bronzer:

I feel like everyone, their mother and their aunt's dog owns Benefit's Hoola. I am a bit shocked that I haven't managed to get my paws on this yet. It is probably a lot of people's favourite bronzer. It is just a product that is hyped about a lot. I really want to try it. Benefit are one of my favourite beauty brands so I feel I am almost obliged to give this a go!

6. Lush "Frozen" Bath Bomb:

If you live in London and have access to the new Lush Store on Oxford street, I envy you like crazy. Ever since I heard of the new opening of the store, I have been looking at all the new products which have been displayed on UK blogs and youtube mainly. I have come to the conclusion that we need an Oxford Street equivalent here in Ireland as I am infatuated with many of the products available. I love the look of the "Frozen" bath bomb as well as other products like "Karma", "Intergalactic" etc. and I am so sad that I don't have easy access to them! My dad does a bit of work in London, but is constantly busy, but I would love it if he spared a bit of time in his to purchase a few of these babies for me. One can pray!!!!

7. Cushions and Homeware:
I am just using this cute cushion as an example of something I would be content with as a gift for my birthday! See, I am moving into my new house in September for the academic year and one of my aims is to spruce it up and make it all cute and homely. I as a student would appreciate cute little bits and bobs I could add to make a house a home!

8. Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipsticks:

Okay, so I have been thinking about getting a few more Kate Moss lipsticks from the original collection. I am not going to lie, I am probably a bit obsessed with these lipsticks. I was thinking some shades more on the pink-y side such as 01, 08 and 38. I think all of these have a pink tone to it. It is one of my favourite colours of lipsticks at the moment!

9. Real Techniques Metallic Brushes:
I'll be honest, I have no need for these brushes and they don't come cheap, but they are so aesthetically appealing and pretty that my brain has convinced me that I need them. I could do with a powder brush and a blush brush though. Maybe one day I'll have these.

10. Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette:

I remember at the start of the year thinking that there'll probably be a fourth Naked palette released by the time I get the Naked 3. I haven't even gotten my claws on the Naked 3, and Urban Decay come out with "The Naked Smoky Palette". The palette does look pretty sleek and has some nice dark colours in it as well as three different finishes (unlike the other palettes). Honestly, I wouldn't die if I never had this palette, but it would be a great one to experiment with. The only thing with this palette is that I feel you are limited to what you can wear in the day time. Ultimately I believe it is an evening palette, but it is very unique. I haven't seen a lot like it. Also Make Up Revolution most definitely have a dupe or are going to make one at least!

When is it your birthday and what's on your birthday wishlist?


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  1. That violet lipstick is gorgeous and mojito body butter must be great!


  2. Oooh I love the Urban Decay palettes! I have the original Naked one, lucky me won it in a giveaway! The body shop mojito collection sounds fab, but I agree, body shop is a bit over priced! Email me your address and next time I'm in London I'll pick you up some of the exclusive Lush stuff and post it if you like?! :D hope you have a lovely birthday, yay!

    My birthday was in June, but books are forever on my wishlists! And home stuff as always, I actually got gorgeous new bedsheets for my birthday this year! I'd bloody love a gift card so I can climb up the O2 in London! :D xo

    1. Lucky winning it! I bought my own with Christmas money! :)
      Awh that's so kind. I definitely might do that. Are you in London often enough? :)

  3. I love the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, it's one of my favourites :)

    Rebecca Coco

  4. I love the Kate Moss lipstick

    Je suis sur Bloglovin'!

    xoxo, ♥

    1. Same. I will check out your blog lovin'

  5. Great wishlist, Ellen. Love the mac lipstick, the shade is gorgeous.

  6. Great wishlist doll! I love the mac lipstick that color is will look so great on you!


  7. Hi dear! You have a nice blog, I like it:)
    Follow each other?
    Happy weekend,

    1. I will check your blog and see if I like it :)

  8. nice as always, kisses!

  9. such a wonderful post :)) enjoy your day!



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