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Hello Lovelies,

As I have been doing since the month of May, I am sharing my instagram photos of the month with you. It's been a relatively chaotic month with preparations for back to school as well as for my birthday so I hope you enjoy!

Also I finally figured out how to lay my photos out in proper instagram style!

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This month I tried out this lovely green tea in pomegranate flavour (first picture). It was absolutely lovely so I have had it a few times since. :3 I really recommend it! So tasty. As per usual, I have been sharing food too like my fruit bowls and pancakes for breakfast. I think they look very good, but not as good as they tasted. 

I shared another picture from Italy like I did last month. I keep finding really good pictures I took in Italy last year. I am definitely sad that I didn't get to go on any foreign adventures this year. Although, I have been inspired to save up for and book a short trip for myself and my boyfriend. I was talking to him about it and I think we are going to head to Brussels in Belgium. I have heard mixed things about Brussels, but I want to go and experience it myself. Plus it is only 20 quid for a flight over! If you've been to Brussels, please let me know what you recommend to do there. We are both students and on a budget of course! I have done a small bit of research as of what to do and where to go. Definitely going around the Grand Place and we will probably visit the "Atomium". I heard about the statue of the boy urinating there and the idea makes me laugh out loud hahahahah!

I went on a few nights out in my local town with friends from home. We all know that picture quality on nights out are usually rubbish, but the first picture is a picture of my friend Moya and I. We decided to head out for the bank holiday weekend at the start of the month. I had a very eventful night to say the least. I met a few people I knew and caught up with them and got a few drinks. Then Moya and I decided to go solo and head to "Langtons" which is over 21s. To my surprise I was granted access to the club. I went in, had a bit of a dance and a wiggle, ended up getting a bit more drunk and I lost both my purse and my phone that night. I was so worried the next morning in my hungover state! Luckily both items were returned. I feel so lucky and I have learnt that the world is definitely filled with good people. I remember once in Dublin, I was in "Dandelion". I found a phone on the floor and handed it in to the bar staff. Karma must have repaid me for my goodness that night a few months ago!!!

Kilkenny Arts Festival was also on in August. It is an annual festival, when a lot of art is mainly displayed around the town. There are also other things going on like the showcasing of musicians singing or playing instruments. I didn't get to see a lot of the stuff around town as I was working, but I did manage to take an instagram of a painting I liked!

I haven't done a lot of showcasing of blogposts on my instagram this month, however that outfit pic is showcasing my new "What I'd Wear to Uni" post. Click here to read it!

My dad has been doing a lot of work in the UK lately. He has been going to London on a weekly basis. Although it means I may not see him a lot before college starts, it comes with its advantages. On one of his latest trips he headed to lush and got me a few products from the newly established Lush store on Oxford street. I am so happy he did as I was crazy to try these products.  I have written reviews on some of these products; "Skydancer" and "Yoga Bomb".

I have been doing a lot of cooking this month, cooking dinners for the family as my mum doesn't enjoy it that much. Stir fry has pretty much been my favourite dinner. This was so delicious and got over 60 likes on IG.

I also paid a visit to UCD, my uni and so I had to share a photo there. I can't wait to head back and see my lovely ag friends. The craic is unreal there. I also think the campus is beautiful, a lovely place to share a photo of. I have actually been in Dublin a lot lately and I really can't wait to go back on Monday! 

What have you been up to this month? Have you shared it on Instagram?

Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Ooo lucky! I wish could grab hold of some lush items from the Oxford street store myself! The store looks so lovely. I will have to check out your reviews! xx

    1. Thanks Beth. I think I wrote two in August!


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