A letter to my future self!


Dear future Me (I don't know what name I'll be known as in the future),

This letter was written in August 2015 and should not be read until 2020.

I have seen a few bloggers write a letter to their past selves before, which quite frankly I find a bit tedious and pointless. The past is in the past and it can't be changed, there is nothing productive about listing out what you regret and what you'd tell your younger self. I find you will probably just end up dwelling on things you should have forgotten years ago! I'm sure younger readers would appreciate it, but in reality it isn't going to make an impact on your life when/if you ever read back on it, where as this has more potential, my future is something I have more control over. I want to allow myself to dictate the type of person I want to be, someone who isn't so self critical, worrying and most important of all, somebody who is extremely positive, not only about herself but spreads that positivity on to others.

I firstly have a few questions for you Ellen. Did you complete your degree? Have you gone on to do further studies? Are you still a blogger? Do you still have the same friends or have ye drifted apart? It'll be weird to read back on this and reflect on my life as it is now and realise how much it will probably have changed!

Right now, I am nineteen, coming twenty and I have just completed my first year in University College Dublin, doing a Bachelor of Agricultural Science in Food and Agribusiness Management. It really is quite a mouthful to say! Nonetheless, I really wanted to say it, in case you, older Ellen forget that or it changes for whatever reason. This is only an example of an aspect of my life that could change. There is so much else that could change like who my boyfriend is or who my friends are. I am mature enough to comprehend that everything isn't going to go to plan in life. It happened last year when I shockingly didn't get my first course in the CAO, Food Science in UCD, and could potentially happen again!

But you know what, that's okay. I don't believe that their are any Gods above plotting my fate and planning my future. Mistakes and blunders just happen in life. And you know what, I can accept that!  Sometimes things not working out can be even better than you expected it to be! There is no point writing that I hope I have five children, a golden carriage, a doctorate and a mansion or whatever I dream of having or being at the end of my life because that's not realistic and it may not work out that way. I just hope that in the future, I am as content with my life as I am now.

All the best,
Your past self.


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  1. This is a brilliant idea! I must say I'm looking forward to the reaction/reply in 2020. I wish you all the best with the future :)


    1. Thanks Beth :)
      I wonder how much things will change in 2020!

  2. Hi Carmen!
    Hold on to your dreams, and in the future, you'll be more than happy of the person you become :)

    Jhem | JhemSays.com

  3. Love this! I am sure you will have accomplished everything you listed in here and more!!



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