50 things to do before you're 21!


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Hello Everybody!
I hope you're all well.

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It is my 20th birthday in just under a month. I am getting closer and closer to one of those massive milestones in one's life; their 21st birthday! Seeing as I only have over a year left until I am 21, I thought I would share with you 50 things I wanna do by the time I turn 21. You can join in the fun too and use this list. I am going to cross off what I have already completed too, in case any of you are a bit nosy. I found most of these on the internet and I came up with a few extra ones I felt needed to be included.

50 Things to do before you're 21!
1. Fall in Love <3
2. Have your heart broken 
3. Get in Shape
4. Go Vegetarian 
5. Explore some new foods. 
6. Get a job (not a summer job)
7. Go abroad!
8. Go Camping in the rain
9. Fly a kite 
10. Visit a farm
11. Go skydiving 
12. Go Stargazing 
13. Get your full Driver's licence 
14. Canoe down a river 
15. Conquer a fear
16. Go on a road trip
17. Open a bank account 
18. Go to the US
19. Take a Social Media Break for a week. 
20. Go to a Concert 
21. Go to a Festival 
22. Make friends with somebody outside your circle
23. Make a scrapbook
24. Go to a party where you barely know anybody!
25. Have a spa day!
26. Get straight As one semester!
27. Get a Bra fitting!
28. Skip School
29. Tell someone you love them 
30. Learn an instrument - Piano 
31. Learn a language fluently - Irish 
32.Get kicked out of a club
33. Learn to cycle 
34. Buy Flowers for yourself 
35. Use a selfie stick!
36. Live alone
37. Find a Pen pal 
38. Write a letter to a blogger / pen pal 
39. Attend a Wedding 
40. Attend a funeral 
41. Get 100,000 views on my blog!
42. Make a Youtube Vlog 
43. Record yourself singing and put it on youtube!
44. Go Skinny Dipping 
45. Vote 
46. Go electronics free for 24 hours!
47. Catch up with an old friend!
48. Go to a Disco
49. Go to a Debs/ Prom / Ball
50. Plan a 21st Party

What do you want to do by the time you're 21?


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  1. -cries forever- we are already 21 (Kelsey is actually 22) and we haven't done half the things on your list. How sad are we? LOL Great list though, you already have so much done :D


    1. Oh well! You could make an extended list until you're 25 :)

  2. Love this list!
    I definitely want to wear another fancy gown or go to a formal again before I'm 2! I love getting dressed up hehe :)

    XO Paige

    1. Yeah I loved my Debs. :)
      I am probably going to some dog races next year so I'll get dressed up for that!

  3. Such a great post! Love all of them :)


  4. Great list, you have so much ticked off already!! I only have less than a year now before I'm 21 *sobs* but by then I will have finished my degree which is amazing! So my main goal is to finish with a 1st (although I won't know until after my birthday) xo

    1. I have essentially a year to do the rest of that stuff as I am 20 in September. I doubt I'll get it all done but it is pretty fun to have a list and to try. :) Best of luck with your final year. I am sure you'll do very well. Is your course only three years ?
      When I say all A grades, I mean a first by the way!

  5. Great list, Ellen and you already have so much done.

  6. love this list! awesome to see how much you've already accomplished! xx, kenz

  7. Im 21 and I've been going to music festivals. I havent completed this list though. :O

    1. Yeah I haven't been to one yet, hopefully next summer :)


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