5 Student Meals!


Hello Friends,

I hope you are all well. It seems like summer is over with all this dull weather we have been having lately. Hopefully there'll be some nice days in September. It is usually a nice month.

Now that it is the end of August, most will be preparing to go back to school or Uni. I personally am excited to go back. I love being in a set routine and I have so much to go back for. I am joining the gym and I have societal duties with the French Society this year. As I am in Uni, I thought I would write posts more suitable to my peers of my age.

Going to college can be very daunting. Living alone, cooking for yourself, looking after yourself and ensuring you have enough time to hang out with friends. I really have to hand it to my parents, cooking a dinner can be hardwork. A lot of people may not have experience cooking when they first come to uni or may be lacking ideas as of what to cook. Today I am going to share some student friendly meals with you, all of which I have cooked before and I feel are very appropriate for college students.

5 Meals for Students!

1. Pasta :   Pasta was my go to meal in Uni. It's simple and affordable. When ever my mum made it at home she would put chicken and a few vegetables with it, but I substituted the chicken for sausages which are cheaper. I also lathered on some tomato sauce. If you are vegetarian or vegan you can easily take out the meat and use things like kidney beans to increase the protein content!

2. Stir Fry: Stirfry is another easy yet satisfying meal. I never made it in college but I have been making it a lot for the family. You can chuck in pretty much any vegetables, noodles, some meat and then sauces (either home made or convenience sauces). If you have a wok it is absolutely ideal for this. We don't have one so I use a frying pan which works as well.

3. Burritos/Enchiladas/Fajitas :   I am a lover of these things in a wrap. I thought I would include them all together as they are pretty much the same things anyway! You can get Old El Paso burrito, enchilada and fajitas kits which are super simple to follow. They usually can make about 8 wraps which you could share with friends or save for the next few days. I always used to make food for a few days at a time. The choice is ultimately yours as to what to include in these. I usually include peppers, meat, onion, cheese. I know the kits can be fairly expensive. But you could just buy wraps and sauces to save money. The kits are just very convenient!

4. Stuffed Peppers:  I think people might think I am weird because I ate a whole bell pepper for my dinner but at the time I wanted something different for my dinner. All I did was cut the top of my pepper, stuffed it with rice and veg and whatever else I wanted and that fit. I sprinkled cheese on the top and cooked it in the oven. Easy as that!

5. Toasted Sandwiches:  This is the absolute easiest of my suggestions and coeliacs can make sandwiches if they have gluten free bread. I personally like veggie melts or a sandwich with an avocado and chicken or something. These are perfect if you have very little time.

What do you cook in Uni?


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  1. Mmm they all look good though. I never tried stuffed peppers before be always wanted to it looks like it would taste amazing!


    1. I really like them. :)
      Really good meal for vegetarians. :)

  2. yummy and very helpful because I go to the school ! :)
    please follow me :) COLORFUL THOUGHTS

  3. Good ideas! I'll start studies in October :D


  4. Delicious !



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