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If you follow my blog intently, you will most definitely know that I am an avid lover of travel. I have written about my experiences from France and Italy on my blog here and if I travel else where I will probably share that here too! I had a serious case of holiday blues in July as I severely missed Italy and was longing to go back!!!

So instead of moping around, I thought I would share some places I would love to travel to in the future.

1. Rome, Italy
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Due to my sucessful trip to Italy last year there is no doubt that I want to go again and discover more of its beauty. I was in the very north near Lake Garda last year and I would definitely like to go to Rome. I would also love to go to Florence or Milan (The Italian Fashion Capital). I thought Rome would be the most worthwhile to mention on my list as it is probably the most cultured with a variety or architecture like the Colosseum and art work.

2. New York City 

I'll tell you a little story; when I was 12 years old, my dad had the opportunity to go to New York and he went with my mum. But of course his three children were left at home (and minded by a baby sitter of course)! I have always wanted to go to New York since then. I feel like it'd be a photographer's dream, a shopper's dream and a foodie's dream. I fit into all three categories. I would also love to go and visit central park!!!

3. Mykonos, Greece 
Now I don't really know much about what is available in Mykonos but I know that it looks absolutely stunning and I want to go there. I saw Zoe Sugg's look book from her trip to Mykonos and it looked amazing. It would be really sunny and I think it'd make a great family trip.

4. Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is a place I haven't heard a lot about either. I think it is that curiosity that makes me want to visit it. The fact that I have been to France four times now and French is spoken in Belgium is another thing that entices me to go. I have heard that the architecture is amazing and it would probably be a wonderful place to discover.

5. Amsterdam, Holland 
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Okay, I have heard a lot of good things about Amsterdam, from my friend Robert who went inter-railing there to youtubers Niomi Smart and Marcus Butler who took a short break there. The architecture is absolutely gorgeous there. Again, a photographer's dream. There is also a bit of history to the place as it includes places like Anne Frank's house etc.

Where do you want to travel?


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  1. I've been to everywhere but Greece and I can guarantee you'll LOVE these places! If you go to Rome, try to go in between October & March, it gets really really busy there so I wouldn't go during the Summer! And New York City is perfect from September till May-June! I love it there in the Summer as well but it just can get SO hot!

    x- Naomi in Wonderland

    1. Thanks for the tips! :)
      I have been to Italy just not Rome but seeing as I loved Italy I know Rome will be great :)

  2. I would love to go to New York! Especially to do street photography and shopping, it would be amazing x


  3. Rome is breathtaking! I kept camera in my hands during the whole trip.
    I want to visit Amsterdam and New York as well. Hope to travel to Holland this autumn!

    1. Hopefully find some good prices :)

  4. I love Rome, it's one of my favourite places <3

    Rebecca Coco

  5. I've been to New York and Brussels! New York is fab, I didn't find the food so fab though, me and my mam struggled to find places to eat, I think anywhere decent is way expensive, and everything else was pretty dinghy and dirty to be honest... room service was amazing though ;) and Brussels is fab! I still need to put the photos up on the blog... whooops!

    My sister went to Rome last year, lucky sucker, I'm so dying to go to Italy! And Greece! And Amsterdam, I'm hopefully gonna go there next summer with a few friends :) xxx

  6. Mykanos is on my list of future travels as well, it looks so pretty.
    I've been to Amsterdam a few weeks ago and I loved it over there.

    Hope you get to travel soon to all the places you want to go.


  7. Ahhhh Mykonos and New York are high on my list too along with Santorini! Amsterdam is just wonderful - it's so magical and you can never get bored there.

    Laura | laurakathren.com

    1. I just love traveling, I love nearly everywhere I go <3


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