5 People you should follow on Instagram!


Hey Lovelies,

If you haven't been able to tell by now, I am Instagram obsessed. It has gotten to the point where I probably need professional help. There is just something so nice about looking at other peoples' aesthetically appealing photographs and then when you share a really nice photograph, their is that feeling of pride present in your little soul. Anyways, seeing as I have been a bit infatuated with the application lately, I thought that I may as well share some instagram related posts. I share my Instagram photos at the end of every month, so today I thought I would share a bit of Insta love and show you five accounts that I love and five accounts that you should probably be following! I hope you enjoy the post!

Five people you should be following on Instagram!

1. Alilouxo :
 Alilouxo, is the instagram username of fellow fashion blogger and instagram enthusiast Alice Young. Alice Young runs a fashion blog called "The Velvet Black" which is an online location which portrays her quirky fashion. I love her blog, so naturally I decided to follow her on Instagram. She is absolutely obsessed with instagram too because she does a weekly post sharing her instagram posts. I like her because her style is a bit quirky and different. That is demonstrated on both her Instagram and Blog.

Follow her here!

2.Amberloveblog :  Okay, I am sharing a mixture of blogger and instagram love here because Amber is yet another fellow blogger (big surprise). I honestly find that bloggers have the best instagram accounts because they are more used to taking pictures. I have mainly been catching up on this girl and her adventures in France this summer, but I like how cute and realistic her pictures are. Sometimes on social media we can feel pretty shitty about ourselves when somebody seemingly has the perfect life because they upload constant cups of coffee to their feed. I think Amber's instagram has that unique real aspect to it. I also like those photos.

Follow Amber here!

3. Todaywillbedelicious :
I will be the first to admit that following instagrams with predominantly pictures of foods is one of my guilty pleasures. I absolutely love the taste of healthy food and I love to get a bit of inspiration as to the kind of things to prepare for meals. This is one of the main reasons I follow Todaywillbedelicious, This girl is studying dietetics and must know her stuff!

Follow this account here!

4. Leannewoodfull:  
A fellow Irish girl, lifestyle blogger and avid instagram user, I feel that Leanne Woodfull, an award winning blogger is definitely worth following. Her keen photographic eye produces the most aesthetically appealing photographs and her constant updates keep her followers constantly gripped. This year she went inter-railing and she added a lot of interesting photos to her feed.

Follow Leanne Woodfull Here!

5. Rhimixx : This is the account of Rhiannon, the owner of the blog peace and blessings where  I posted a guest post. She is a teacher and a blogger. I think she is absolutely stunning and I love some of her outfit pictures on her account!

Follow her here!

Do you follow any of these lovely people on Instagram? Let me know if you do. Also if you would like to follow me, my account is available here. Please feel free to leave your instagram accounts down below. I always love discovering new accounts so I will try to check them all out!


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  1. Great post, I love finding new instagrams to follow :) xx

    Abi | abistreetx

  2. Aw man I can't believe I'm in this blog post! Thank you so much :') I am also addicted to instagram, obviously haha! And now I have some more people to follow! Thank you again, this has made my week :') xxx
    amber love

    1. I just like your instagram. There are so many accounts I like that are similar so I wanted to include a few different ones :)


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