5 Inspiring Bedrooms!


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The summer has been flying by. I really haven't felt the time go by at all. Pretty soon I am going back to college. Although that entails a lot of course work and studying, it also means that I'll be living in my new apartment with my new housemates! I am pretty excited about having a place of my own and getting to decorate my room and add little bits about the place. I am hoping the housemates won't mind too much! I love just gathering small accessories that can transform a house into a home! I have recently been scrolling through tumblr and instagram and looking at bedrooms to give me a splash of home decor inspiration that is very much needed right now!

This is a very simple room with plain white bedding. I love that minimalistic look in a bedroom. But, what I like about this particular room is the way the bedside table is decorated. It gives me a few ideas on how I'd like to decorate my own bed side. I would love to get a succulent plant and display it and loads of pretty books and stationary as well as a candle by my side during the night!

This is again a bit of a minimalistic room. I adore the element of plants in this as well as the grey pillows which give the room an urban feel. It also seems very cosy, comfortable and casual with the fur seat and the grey blanket!

Image Source 

This is quite a bohemian room, I love this style of room. I love the black channel bed side table and the fact that there is a veil above the bed. 

Image Source

This is probably my favourite of the bedrooms! What I love about it is that it looks extremely homely. I mean, I could just jump into that bed and sleep. I can imagine myself just chilling and watching movies in this comfort haven! The bohemian style of the room really appeals to me and I really like the fairy lights and the pictures which give the room a personal feel!

This is probably the most modern of the bedrooms and has a fairly monochrome scheme again. I love the yellow daffodils that just stand out in this bedroom,

What kind of bedroom do you have?


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  1. Thank you for inspiration! I'm currently collecting ideas on how to redecorate my bedroom because it has become too boring.
    I like room #3!

  2. Lovely post! I followed you, I love reading your blog:) Josie xo


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