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Hey Everybody, 
I hope you are all well. I took the weekend off blogging, so now I have finally gotten around to writing a post for you. 

I was recently contacted by a woman who works with a hair extensions company on line and she asked me if I would share UU Hair extensions with you guys. I agreed to share this as I feel that some of you may want to invest in some good quality hair extensions. I personally don't have my own because I feel my hair doesn't suit them that well at the length its at. 

The site specialises in hair extensions (as stated above) in many varieties from clip in hair extensions to 24 inch clip in extensions to 26 hair weave. These seem to vary in price depending on the type of extension you pick. The minimum price I saw was about $80 and the maximum was over $100, which is a typical price for some quality extensions! Although they come at a small fortune, they will last you a lifetime. 

I also noticed as I browsed the website that they have a strong variety of colours from different blonde shades to the darker brown shades. It would be pretty easy to find a colour that suits you. I have also read some of the reviews on line which for the most part were all extremely positive. Most of the customers were extremely happy with their purchases.

Clip in Hair extensions are available here!



24 Inch Extensions are available here!

26 Inch Hair Weave Extensions are available here!

Do you wear hair extensions?

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Please note that this is a sponsored post, but all of the opinions given by me are my own. I would never support a brand I disagree with. All of the images are available on http://www.uuhairextensions.com/


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  1. I've never tried, I'm not sure about the feeling to carry around fake hair. But who knows maybe one day I'll give a try!

    1. Yeah I am kind of at the same point. I tried on extensions before but my hair is so different to most extensions I have seen. :)

  2. I have never heard of these, but they look awesome! xx, kenz

    1. Yeah, definitely let me know if you try them!


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