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I hope you had a lovely weekend. What were you up to? Please let me know in the comments, I would love to catch up.

Recently I was contacted by a lovely lady from The Glasses Shop. She asked me if I was interested in doing a little collaboration with them and providing a bit of my own person insight to the store and my thoughts on their sunglasses and other glasses. I was offered to pick a pair of sunglasses of my own, which when you have a pea sized head is quite a challenge! I always see people rock sunglasses and then when I put them on I look so ridiculous because my head is so small!

So the SunGlasses Shop is an asian online company who offer cheap glasses as well as prescription glasses.  If you require prescription glasses, you simply need to provide the company with details of the lens and frame of preference, I believe.

The company offer glasses in a variety of styles, from glasses with a tortoise design or glasses in a cat eye shape. I had originally opted for some round sunglasses, but I changed my mind to these sunglasses which are aviator glasses in gold. It is available to buy here! 

I have to say that I quite like the glasses, They probably look a bit big on my petite face, but that's no surprise, most sunglasses look massive on my head! But I really like how they looked on my face with my hair all around my face *see very bottom photo*. I just adore that blue reflective surface of the sunglasses!

They came very well packaged, in a box which I took a good five minutes to open! When I finally got the package opened, I discovered that the glasses were stored in a plastic container with one of those wipes that most glasses wearers use to clean their glasses if they get foamy or dirty in any shape or form. Included in my order was also a little token which enables me to get 25% off my next order, a nifty little marketing trick.

The only negative I have about my service from the Glasses Shop is how long the delivery took. But that is purely a location issue, something that really cannot be helped. Other than that I would highly rate the service, the company were very cooperative with me and provided me with a handy tracking number to keep an eye on my package!!!

The company have very kindly given me a voucher code so that anyone who reads this blogpost can get a discount on their next order! The voucher code is simply GSHOT50, so if you want to rock sunglasses like mine like the beach babe or suffer dude you are, be sure to use that code to make a small saving on your purchase!!!

The following code will allow you to get a 50% discount off eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses(sale frames excluded) available on the Glasses Shop website!

Check out their promotions here!

Have you shopped with The Glasses Shop?

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Please note that the following post is sponsored and the opinions I have posted are my own.


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  1. Hi Ellen. I don't know this shop online. Thanks for sharing. I'm Eni, blogger from Italy.
    If you want, take a look at my blog and let me know what you think. Kisses,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

    1. You're welcome Eni! I hope you liked the post. :)
      Let me know if you try it out. :)
      I always check out blogs if a link if left in the comments, you don't have to tell me to have a look :)

  2. These glasses really suit you ! You look summer ready and your eyes are sunproof !


    1. Awh thanks. :)
      I was a bit scared that they would look awful but I am pretty happy with them to be honest :)

  3. Wow, very cool sunnies! And, your hair is very nice :)
    Have a wonderful day,

    1. Thank you Ivana. I hope you enjoyed the post :)

  4. It's a lovely sunglasses, Ellen!
    Though it looks bigger on your small face, it still looks good on you.
    Thanks for sharing about this sunnies..

    Btw, I just followed you on Bloglovin and Twitter :)

    Jhem |

    1. Thanks for the follows. :)
      I will check out your twitter and bloglovin also :)

  5. Lovely glasses! Love your hair.
    New post is up:

  6. Wow these lens are gorgeous lens! And the shape of the glasses really suits you :) x
    Charlotte's Road

    1. Thanks Charlotte! I think they look a little big on my wee head.

  7. They suit you so much!! Great post x
    Claire |

    1. Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed the post :)

  8. Love those reflector glasses! You look AWESOME. Bummer to hear about how long it took..

    I'm blogging about similar things, check it out and let me know what you think:

    XO K

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kelly. I will definitely look at your blog later and see what I think of it :)

  9. This looks great! I love the look and I think sunglasses are the perfect way to play with new styles and be a little bit bolder and crazier. I need prescription glasses so sadly right now I have exactly ONE pair of sunglasses which I can wear, which gets pretty boring. Might need to see what they have on offer.

    Aisling | aisybee.

    1. Definitely have a look now on their website as they have a few promotions on at the moment :)

  10. They suit you very well ;D

    The Cutielicious

  11. It can often be quite tricky when it comes to ordering sunglasses online as you never know if they'll suit you. These look fab on you :) I really like the blue reflective lens Xx


    1. yeah I love that about them :)
      I am glad you like them :)

  12. these look awesome! x, kenz

  13. Awww I really love those sunnies! Looks gorgeous on you!


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