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Hey Guys!

 How are you all? I hope you are doing well. 

At the beginning of last month, you may remember that I posted about 4 Blogs that I have been Loving! This month I thought I would continue sharing a bit of love on the blogosphere! So today I am sharing some blogposts I have read in the past and have really enjoyed. I would like to shine light on some of these posts because I think you guys will enjoy them too!

This is a post from Payton who writes the blog Hustle and Halycon! It is simply just a recuoe fir an acai bowl or a smoothie bowl which by now, anyone who follows my "What I ate Wednesday" series should know I adore. I don't really know why the post impressed me. I suppose it was presented very well and when I found it I was led to some other nice blog posts from Payton. 

This is a blog post from Toni's blog "Lemon Freckles". It is a very quirky little blog with some cute DIY posts, an adorable layout and it is just overall an interesting place to linger on the net. I remember vividly reading this post. It was fascinating to read about someone's experience in marriage. This is also what gave me the inspiration to write "Things I've learnt from posts"

There is nothing mind blowing about this post. It isn't written fantastically well or anything like that. What I like about it is the whole purpose of the post, to make the readers feel inspired and creative. I think it is packed full of great ideas on things to do when you have that spark!

This is most definitely the most endearing and moving post from the blog Floral and Smiles I have read/watched (they had a youtube video in this post). What I loved about it is that you could see how close the girls (Kenecha and Kelsey) are. I love the whole idea of their blog and how they share it. I feel like these two have a bond so close that they can share literally anything. I religiously read their posts and I am of the opinion that this post really conveys what the blog Floral and Smiles is really about.

Have you read any of these blogposts?
Be sure to share some of your favourite blogposts too!

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  1. I love this post, I always find myself looking for more inspirations! I will definitely be checking out those blogs! Thanks for sharing!



    1. You're welcome. :)
      Glad you enjoyed this post :)

  2. These are lovely posts! Always love discovering more blogs

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

    1. Yeah same. I love sharing the love on the blog network too!

  3. i really like your blog!:) i hope you're doing well!


  4. Oh my gosh!! Thanks so much doll :) We were so shocked to see our post here you are so sweet! <3 We adore your blog and we love reading your new posts :D Have a great weekend, best wishes x


  5. These are great blogs, I like finding new ones so thanks for the share. The creative one is awesome :) Happy Weekend!



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