So you want to start a blog? 7 tips for newbie Bloggers.


Hello everybody, 
I hope you're all doing well.

Today I wanted to write a post for those who want to start a blog and give them a bit of advice on how to start off. I am asked on my Facebook account now and again about my blog and how I started it up etc. It is clear that blogging is becoming increasingly popular, almost anybody can set one up and write about their passions and post them on-line. So today, my post is for those of you who may have questions about starting a blog.

The following is a collection of my tips on starting a blog! I hope this helps you out!

1. Select a platform
There are many blogging platforms to choose from. You can set up your blog through Blogger, Wordpress or even tumblr. Just find the website that works the best for you. I really like Blogger (Blogspot) as it is extremely easy to use. It all depends on what suits you.

2. Choosing a Name
This is probably one of my main regrets when it comes to my blog. I called my blog "FishnetsxD" because it is a username that I use for various online profiles. I would advise people to pick really catchy and memorable titles for their sites. I think that having a memorable blog name can be the key to success! There are various times I have seen blog names appear on twitter or other social media, and I instantly know them because they are so catchy. Examples include Style Sunrise, Style Sprinter, Thrift O Clock, Money Can Buy lipstick. I think you get the drift.

3. Set Up a Bloglovin' account
This is something I wish I had done sooner, as there really isn't a day that goes by that I don't use a website. To give you a basic run down on what BlogLovin' is, it is essentially a site where you can connect with bloggers. You can follow other blogs, when they have published new posts it will appear on your news feed and your followers will see your new posts. I think it is a great way to connect with other bloggers and find similar bloggers to yourself.

If I urge you to read any of my tips, it is most definitely this one. If you are entering the blogging business to get views and for people to see your content, then self promotion is very important. However you need to promote yourself without being too annoying. 

You can promote yourself in many ways, through sharing your posts on social media or even commenting on other blog posts and leaving your Website URL at the end of your comment. I warn you not to be annoying or excessive. When commenting on someone else's blog you need to comment with context and relate to what the blogger is writing. I as well as other bloggers, will get annoyed if you comment on posts with the likes of "follow for follow" and is completely about yourself and your own blog. I'd also recommend that you comment on blogs that actually interest you. I am not going to comment on a builder's blog if I am not interested in building. It's likely enough that if you are interested in blogs similar to your own, they'll be interested in yours too!

5. Display
I truly believe that the way you display your stuff can influence whether somebody likes your blog or not. Try to add clear images to your posts, and don't be scared to add many images to your posts either. As the saying goes "A picture paints a thousand words". Another tip is to align the writing to your posts. I personally prefer when the text is centred.

6. Set up an Email 
I would recommend that you set up an email specifically related to your blog. If it is sucessful, sometimes you may come across PR opportunities. I must add that you shouldn't enter the blogging network for fame and freebies. You should blog because you are passionate about something, be it food, fashion or beauty. You can also set up a Facebook page or a twitter page. I have a Facebook page set up and I use my personal Twitter and Instagram to promote my posts.

7. Have Fun!

So these are my main tips for starting a blog!
Did you find these helpful?
Do any of you bloggers have any other tips for beginners? 

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  1. Number 7 should be number 1 ;)

    Dara | Hola Darla | @DarlaOct

  2. Very nice advices)
    I like your blog) Would you like to follow each other?
    let me know and I follow you back)

    1. I will have to check your blog out!

  3. I love these blogging tips posts, I always learn something new. Great job :)

  4. Great advice Ellen :)

  5. these are great tips! choosing a blog name is so tough, especially since there are so many blogs out there sometimes the name you think is so amazing and a winner is already taken :(


    1. Yeah, mine is so totally random but oh well.

  6. This is a great and helpful post! Thanks for sharing your tips :)

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  7. awesome tips!
    xx, kenz

  8. I deffo wish I had set up bloglovin earlier! I'm passing all my knowledge of two years blogging to my sister who has just started, it's so much easier for her now haha! The interaction is the most important, and the most fun part I think!

  9. Same! I'd probably have more followers if I did!


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