How to drink 2 Litres of Water a day!


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Hey Lovely people, 
I hope you are all doing well. 

This may be perhaps a dull post for some, but I don't think it lacks any importance or significance. Some how, I manage to drink the required two litres of water a day so I thought I would give you guys a few tips on how to drink that well needed amount!!! Drinking a lot of water can aid our skin care, but it always keeps us hydrated throughout the day which is equally necessary. I always feel like when I drink a lot of water, my skin is thanking me and it can be demonstrated in how it looks and feels. So without further ado, here are a few of my top tips on how to drink more water!!!

1. Adding Fruit, Flavourings or Miwadi : 
Some people don't drink water because they simply do not like the taste. There are several ways that we can enhance the taste of water. Add some berries like strawberries or raspberries to your water bottle and leaving it in the fridge can enhance the flavours a lot. Not only will your water taste fruity, you will also get tonnes of benefits from the antioxidants present in fruit! Even putting a glass of water in the freezer for five or ten minutes can make it taste better. There is something about frozen things in my opinion that are so much nicer. I freeze an array of stuff such as fruit and vegetables also. There is also the option of adding Miwadi to your water. You will still be drinking mainly water, but you'll be adding a bit of sugar with the miwadi. Don't worry though! It's only about 0.8 g of sugar! I checked the label yesterday!

2. Using Large Glasses: 

I cannot express how much this tip has helped me personally. When I started in University and was living in student accomodation independantly, I intentionally took a large glass (plastic of course!) with me so I could use it when I was drinking water or even making smoothies. I vaguely recall one time when one of my house mates borrowed it and it had vanished for days, it really annoyed me. But if you are at home and drinking out of glasses, I would really advise using larger tumbler glasses. Sometimes I will be in my room, chilling and writing my blog and I will not feel bothered to go back downstairs fairly frequently to pour myself more water. The bigger the glass, the less frequent we will need to pour ourselves more water.

3. Bringing a bottle everywhere:  
If you don't have a bottle or a glass with you when you are in your room or even out in town, there is no way of you drinking water at your convenience. Be sure to take some water with you so you can sip on it every now and again during the day!!!

4. Drinking at meals: 

I try extremely hard to drink water and hydrate myself during meal times. I feel that hydration is just as important as the nutrients in food itself. In fact, in my Home Economics class, water was considered the sixth essential nutrient (as well as carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals)!!! If you drink at all three of your meals, you have had most of your water for the day (assuming you drink 500 ml at one sitting)!

I hope that these quick and easy tips will help you guys drink more water than you have been and I hope you enjoyed the post!!!

Do you drink enough water everyday?

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  1. I absolutely agree about bigger glasses! That was the biggest game changer for me when I started trying to drink more water. I also recommend lemon, basil, and a little stevia if you want a healthier version of lemonade. I also feels like it helps hydration if you drink at least 8 oz of water immediately upon waking up! Heck, I'm going to go get some water right now. Thanks!

    1. Hahaha you're very welcome :)
      I am glad that this post has helped you :)
      And I am definitely gonna try your healthy lemonade.
      Thank you for stopping by. :)

  2. Wow, I still can't drink two litres of water a day. For some bizzare reason it makes me sick. Maybe that's partly my fault because I somehow manage to drink one litre in one hour, then forget about water for the rest of a day and in the evening again drink another litre. Pretty bad, isn't it? haha
    Drinking straight from the water bottle helps me the most! And I also don't leave my house without it.
    Yana x

    1. Don't feel too pressured, even if you drink a litre and eat a lot of fruit that is good because fruit contains a lot of water also.
      But yeah I would definitely take a reusable bottle with me :)

  3. Drinking water is so important and definitely something people forget to do more of I think. I normally fill up a pint glass and keep sipping it throughout the day, before I know it I am on my fifth pint! I also like to add fruit for a fruit infused drink, it's so refreshing!

    Hayley-Eszti |

    1. Yeah fruit infused drinks taste pretty damn good.
      Thanks for stopping by on my blog :)

  4. nice!

  5. Great tips Ellen, it's really important drinking water!!!
    Take care always, love Paola, xo.

    My Facebook

  6. I am not a fan of water! I try to drink it but I can't though I never tried adding fruit so maybe that might help me :) Thanks for the advice dear!


    1. I'd definitely recommend fruit. Good luck :)

  7. I definitely do not drink two litres of water a day which is kind of worrying! I think it's the fact that dr pepper just wins me over every time haha. I would definitely take in mind the idea of carrying a bottle around with you as I'm the sort of person who never finishes their drink when given a glass.

    1. Well I am glad you found one of these tips helpful.
      Not a lot of people drink 2L.

  8. Waw such a cool post! I drink like 2,5 l everyday.

    My blog - > Check my last outfit HERE

    ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

    1. Fair play. Glad you liked my post. :)

  9. This is so helpful because I definitely do not drink enough water! I need to start bringing water bottles to work since I'm so lazy when it comes to refilling my water 12 oz cup!


    1. Awh I am glad you found this helpful :)

  10. I like to adding fruit to my water, It has defiantly helped me drink more water. I still don't drink it as much as I should, though.


  11. It can be really hard. Sometimes I don't drink the full two litres.

  12. Very informative article, I have been trying for years to drink enough water a day and it has not been easy, but after reading your article once I was able to use your tips and they are actually very effective. I am so glad I have finally found some tips that have actually helped me complete my goal. Thank you.

    Gregory Gibbs @ AQ Pure Water


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